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Parsnips going to seed?

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Has anyone got parsnips going to seed? I have grown them this year as I normally do and expect to get one or two go to seed but this year there are quite a few "bolting".
It has been dry here in Norfolk, do you think this is the reason?



yes i think you are right I have noticed it in other dry summer's

28 Oct, 2009


We had a question last year on parsnips which did not make a tap root. Ours have not formed properly. Have yours been in the ground a long time i.e. did you sow your seeds early.

28 Oct, 2009


Doctorbob 1

No I never sow them too early. Do you think it best to sow early?

28 Oct, 2009


In my experience I had parsnips go to seed when sown in February.
How big is your crop? it may pay you to grow a different variety next year.

28 Oct, 2009


Ours are fine but we didn't have a dry summer.

28 Oct, 2009

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