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fungus in the grass


By Neellan

denbighshire, Wales Wal

I have fungus in the grass is it serious?




We've had lots of questions on this recently. No the fungi are not dangerous either ignore, they will go away soon, or put your hand inside a plastic bag and pick them off and bin them.

29 Oct, 2009


Are there any trees nearby? Many species of fungi form associations with tree roots (beneficial) and at this time of year produce their reproductive structures we often call toadstools appear.

Other fungi live off dead "thatch" ie the old leaves of grass that build up in lawns over time. Without being rude:-) I suspect that from the look of your lawn, it is the latter?

29 Oct, 2009


Lots of fungi around now.
Hadnt actually realised it Fractal but I dont get it in the grass anymore must be regular scarifing and general lawn care?

29 Oct, 2009


Thankyou for your replies:
Moongrower I'll arm myself with plastic bag forthwith and sort it thanx
Fractal the fungus is not in my lawn but a grassy bank that is mossy but thanx anyway
Drc yes a friend told me lots about just now my woody bank is just what they like it seems!!

29 Oct, 2009

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