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I am fascinated by the use of Nemaslug to kill slugs but note that it is not cheap and on an allotment you can easily get invaded by slugs from neighbouring plots not protected. Given that the nematodes multiply in the dying bodies of slugs, is is possible propagate them, say in a bucket of collected slugs in a warm place, such that you could make enough solution to cover all the plots and surrounds of an allotment? Has this been tried?
I am hoping to rise to the top of the allotment waiting list this year…so I may one day be able to try out my idea!
many thanks


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We tried using Nemaslug in one of our greenhouses but it didn't seem to have much effect. I would have thought you'd need a huge quantity for an allotment and have no idea how you could propagate the nematodes. I suspect it is nothing as simple as a bucket of slugs and throw the Nemaslug in though the company that is producing these would not want us as gardeners to be self sufficient in them :-((

24 Nov, 2009


I looked in to nemaslug'' and was shocked, I am no lover of slugs and snails, but nemaslug is bad news, have you not noticed the disapearince of most of the thrushes' and if it gets in to the water table God help us, there is a thinge either on the market or will be shortly that I can not name on the site or it might be considered advertising, although I have not got an interest in it, it is cheep' effective' there is no chance of pets or children geting hold of anything to harm them,' the only way I can help you,is by you joining the site,then I can send you a private message,dont worrie by joining you will not get junk mail,just answers to your questions and a chance to use your experance to help others.

24 Nov, 2009


Cliffo Nemaslug is an approved organic way of dealing with slugs this is just a little of the info:

The Benefits of Nemaslug Slug Killer:
Easy to apply
Extremely Effective
Harmless to children, pets, birds and wildlife.
Unlike many chemicals, can assist wildlife in combating pests without posing a risk to wildlife itself.
Perfectly safe to use on food crops.
Apply just once every 6 weeks
Not washed away by rain (unlike pellets)

24 Nov, 2009


do a bit more studing MG' not what the makers say,to discribe what I mean in a simple way,I will use the mosquito a pest, but harmless,it is the little fellers in the female's that give us malaria, soonner or later the goverment will catch up with the reserch. SBG might help hear I think it is in her field

24 Nov, 2009

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