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wgat to do when nasturtiums die off

On plant nasturtiums



they are grown as an annual so you will need to plant seeds in the spring

13 Dec, 2009


If you haven't already pulled the plants up you will find there are seeds in abundance all over the ground. Save some in a brown paper bag, there is more than one seed in the little round seed pods you are picking up. If you throw the old plants in a corner where you wish to cover with Nasturtiums next year this is bound to happen.

13 Dec, 2009


Save the seed but keep them dry and cool over winter, re sow in the spring and by doing this each year you should never need to buy Nasturtium seed again.

13 Dec, 2009


You'll find they pop up as plants again next year - prolific seeders, and there'll be some still in the soil, even if you collect some.

13 Dec, 2009


I planted some about 15 years ago, and haven't had to replant since. And just to make everyone feel bad, mine are already up for next year and will grow all winter long, flowering in the spring and summer.

13 Dec, 2009


Oh, very funny, Wylieinthea, don't rub it in! Though actually, I really must post a photo - I've still got them growing and in flower downstairs in my main bit of garden! (must admit, not looked today - we've had two frosty nights, so that may no longer be true) And Guest, they're ones I planted originally 5 years ago - now I have to pull out the self seedlings every year to restrict the number of plants.

14 Dec, 2009


Admittedly mine are in Italy, but my nasturtums never die off .. they just self seed. I don't bother even collecting seed or anything - they just pop up again. In December they were all over the place - nice and green and ready to start flowering again.

7 Jan, 2010


I'm in UK Njarratt and that happens here too - though not in January!

8 Jan, 2010

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