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By Maggy7

Cleveland, United Kingdom Gb

Amarillis, has anyone else got an Amarillis that the leaves grow before the flower stalk?
This is the second year for this one! Ive had them before and the leaves usually comes after the flower spike!!!!doesnt it?



Hi Maggy.....the same with's second year. I only repotted it as the bulb was still firm...I keep checking for a flower bud which usually comes from the side next to the leaf tips. I've a feeling these are grown especially for one they are usually Xmas presents.

6 Jan, 2010


i think you find it is hte difrence betwen hipestrium an amarylis

6 Jan, 2010


I've been very disappointed with Amaryllis 'Papilio'. I have two now - and know I should keep them fed and green all year round. However, the first one (3rd year) has never flowered- and the second one (last year's) flowered, but only once... they're not growing flower stems, either. :-(((

7 Jan, 2010


Hi Maggy i had a New Page made for Goypedia last wk 4 Amaryllis maybe u can find some help in there ? Jac :)

7 Jan, 2010


My Amarillis 'Apple Blossom' put out leaves before the flower stalk. The stalk started growing some time after the leaves came up. The blooms just opened yesterday. There are quite a few buds on the stalk and the flowers are huge and beautiful. This was a new bulb this year.

8 Jan, 2010


Im not sure what this one is except that it is crimson in colour,no sign of a developing bud, but I think it was the same last year!

Spritzhenry if that is the case then this one is DOOMED!! I let it dry up in the greenhouse.

Thanks Jacque I will have look.

Thanks Janey

and Derek I will have a look! although it was very much like Spitzhenry last year the red one.

8 Jan, 2010


Well, that's the normal thing to do with them, after all - so you might be lucky! Fingers crossed! :-))

9 Jan, 2010

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