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By Nbhatt

Bristol, United Kingdom Gb

we planted our victoria plum tree 2 years ago. The adviser at the garden centre said it was 4 years old so we hoped we might get some fruit by now. It looks lovely each year with no disease but does not flower. I have got a few more fruit trees (a few apple trees, 1 pear tree and 2 peach trees) and they all have done quite well.
Please help..



Try tickerling it with a fine paintbrush. Perhaps its not being pollinated! I had fruit on mine the first year, not much fruit but some, each year a few more plums. If therearen't enough bees around you need to pollinate it yourself

24 Apr, 2010


u may need another one to go wth it .

24 Apr, 2010


When i planted my plum tree i planted two, one at each end of the garden it was about six years before i got enough friut for a crumble, good luck

24 Apr, 2010


Thanks everyone for your answers. There is no blossom so obviously no pollination!

I think my soil may be acidic (the hydrangeas on my street are pink!) - would that be the reason?

I recently got another plum tree (or may be damson) from a friend who was moving elsewhere and could not take the tree with fingers crossed!

1 May, 2010


good news, had lovely juicy plums this year!

6 Nov, 2011


How is it doing now Nb?
We have a Vic Plum and they are not supposed to need another with it. They should be self pollinating (is that the term?!!)
We have had victoria for years and they do well as long as the blossom doesn't get caught by the frost!
One we had always did well, then one year is produced nothing, the following year it was so laden it broke the branches! - and after that it gave up the ghost!!
I think it over exhausted itself!!
They were super plums.

1 Feb, 2013


It has been doing very well since, touch wood, super sweet juicy plums and well-laden, must have been a late bloomer!

2 Feb, 2013

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