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for the past 2 years I only have toads and no frogs.... plenty of tadpoles etc... and part of me thinks this is a sign of a healthy garden (lots of toad food supply?)... but I'm not so sure.



Frogs and toads return to their 'birth' pond to reproduce ( although how anyone knows this is a mystery!). So you may need to introduce some frog spawn to your pond to set up a colony.

4 May, 2010


the toads are a sign of lots of food. so yes it is a healthy garden.

4 May, 2010


Yes indeed, I had frogs and toads for many years but now just the toads return. My fish (large ghost carp) eat the tadpoles so i have now set up a small wildlife pond with no fish, and have transferred as many tadpoles as possible into there... there are 1000's of them though, but I have done my best! The saved tadpoles are living happily with a few newts, 2 swan mussels and a couple of snails....!

4 May, 2010


for the past couple of years there has bin a deseise which has killed frogs on eperdemic. type in google and the info will come up ,we kept finding them dead all last year, but it is country wide spread. we have put tads bak and hopeing to restore them bak into the garden hope this helps.

5 May, 2010


oh Cristina thank you, I had loads but the numbers dwindled until nothing, hence my resolve to save my 'toadpoles!'... I will google and find out more.... much appreciated.. x

5 May, 2010


Most toads secrete toxins making them highly unpalatable to predators even at tadpole stage.As a result they do not need to spawn as heavily as frogs as this would place them in direct competition for food sources your fish will be happily feeding on frog spawn whilst avoiding toad spawn.

One of the reasons why fish are not recommended for a wildlife pond.

6 May, 2010


Thank you bonkers, I only have toads now which is sad but the fish just gorge on the toad tadpoles... especially the ghost carp, I had almost 150 toads 2 years ago, but the number was down to about 30 this year, hence the setting up of a wildlife pond... with no fish! I have removed as much spawn and as many tadpoles as I can and placed them in the safe smaller pond, so am hoping for the rejuvenation of my toad numbers... then I would love to get the frogs back, but time will tell..... I agree with you but my ghost carp has a strong stomach it would seem, he literally sucks the 'toadpoles' down as if drinking through a straw... so sad to watch..

6 May, 2010


if you find out on google let me no . we were asked to keep a dead 1 in the freezer so they cud pik it up to do lab tests .but i did not want it in my fridge .

7 May, 2010


will do... I have joined a group that updates you via email... thanks again

8 May, 2010


which site is that wud be interested

11 May, 2010

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