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By Lozi

Devon, United Kingdom

Hi, i have a small pond in my garden, already it has attracted a newt and several frogs as i have said before, but i was wandering if anyone has any good ideas on how to keep the green algea(?) at bay? I have got about 5 pond plants in it. The water stays clear it is the sides that go green, I would rather not get a pump cos its not a huge pond... Thankyou. x



I moved into my house nov, have also got a pond, so i've been given advise from friends and neighbours. I have been given some water snails and told that barley straw is meant to be really good and a natural way to help.

4 May, 2010


if it is the sides then the snails will eat the algae growing on the sides. the barley straw will not make any difference here.

4 May, 2010


if its small and and the middle is clear it isnt algi as such .it is a single celled plant that grows in strings called duck weed.its quite could for nature but if you dislike it i would simply pull it out or get a thin piece of wood with some blunt wire like an old net without the net part.twist this in your duck weed once in a while and you can get it could put some cover over your pond to shade it but you run the risk of losing your other plants .personaly i would take it out physiclty .take care bye for now .

5 May, 2010


if the algae is thread like it is blanket weed. duck weed [Lemmna species at least 3 types] is a 2 leafed plant that floats on the surface. now that is a real pest :o(

5 May, 2010


I think the questioner means there is algae growing on the sides - the walls - of their pond? If so, I wouldn't worry about it - you've probably already got water snails are they would have hitched a ride in on your pond plants (that's what happend to me anyway). Also tadpols will nibble the algae I think. I don't think a pump system would have any effect on it either if it's growing on the pond sides.

5 May, 2010


youd block the pond up with it.its a duck weed and it wont be a problem unless you dont like it then you can physicly take it out.there is a pond implament for this perpous that will cost you quite a bit .you get it out in the same way as you get spag bol on a fork but as the ponds small id just do it with your hands if it bothers you that much.if your not having fish it will actualy benefit the ponds life . even fish eggs can get stuck to birds legs.a lot of water beetles just fly there themselves.sticklebacks would be great and keep the mosquito down .

5 May, 2010


It's blanket weed that you twist out on a stick like a candy floss. Duck weed actually has visible leaves. I have a blanket weed wand and it's very good but if your algae is just round the edges I'd just leave it.

5 May, 2010


well you know what i mean elles but i agree with just leaving it for the insects and tadpoles etc to hide in.

5 May, 2010

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