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Spring cabbage - is this slugs?


By Peter

Hampshire, United Kingdom

The spring cabbage seeds I planted a few weeks ago have started to sprout. Some of the leaves look like they've been nibbled.
Does this look like the work of slugs? I've not seen any and the damage doesn't look like the decimation I imagined. Are the slugs just waiting for the cabbages to get bigger?



Can you see any slime trails? Otherwise, could well be birds having a nibble! They are ruining my winter pansies and the damage looks similar. If it is, try old CDs strung on string between sticks - they are afraid of the shiny movement!

22 Oct, 2007


Hi Spritz :o) I've just looked and can't see any slime trails. However, while I was on my knees taking a good look I found a little caterpillar very well camouflaged on one of the shoots. A likely culprit?

22 Oct, 2007


Ha! Got him! Yes, I should think so...Search for more, I bet you find them. What you do wih them I shall not ask...

22 Oct, 2007


Hmm... no more that I can see at the moment but it's getting dusk already!!! Now I know what I'm looking for there'll be dawn patrols!!

22 Oct, 2007

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