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How can I keep my pond plants standing upright? As most of you know I have a tin bath pond, which by its nature has steep sides. I have added a beach for critters to get in and out; which the birds are using very well!! I have stood my marsh marigold & water mint up on bricks however they keep falling over. Has any one got any ideas how I can keep my plants upright?



How deep down are they in the pond Great?

18 Jun, 2010


You could put more bricks either side of the existing bricks and then place plant in the centre, then build the bricks up around the pot half way or so. That seems to work know of, bricks go green and hidden

18 Jun, 2010


Thanks Nickyt08 I seem to have more bricks in my pond than anything else lol Want a bigger pond really. But I used what I had, recycled a tin bath.
MG the plants are standing on 2 bricks, I think the cats coming for a drink are knocking them over

18 Jun, 2010


Possibly, as it is a very small pond. I wouldn't add more bricks - in fact it remove the bricks you have in the pond as the wildlife may well not like them. I'd un-pot the plants wash off the soil attach a rock to them and simply let them float.

18 Jun, 2010


IF they are in pots take a couple of inches of what ever they are in and fill with pea gravel

18 Jun, 2010


Marsh marigolds grow side ways or at least mine do.

18 Jun, 2010


I have a layer of pea gravel Kennyboy. still being knocked over, most of the aquatic compost is now missing from the m. Marigold groan! Ive got this awful feeling I will be spending a lot of money on pond plants!

19 Jun, 2010

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