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What type of Daffodil is this?
I think it's birma

On plant Narcissus

Img_20180415_132412 Img_20180415_132409



It looks more like 'Fortissimo', to me, but there are so many to choose from.

15 Apr, 2018


It also looks like 'Red Devon' which is what I have.

16 Apr, 2018


Hard to tell. how long is the trumpet part? a picture of it side on might help. Birma trumpet is quite long and this looks very short.

16 Apr, 2018


It could be a hybrid of some sort. They cross pollinate like crazy. But if you planted a couple packs of Fortissimo and/or Red Devon, you'll get daffodils that look just like this.

16 Apr, 2018


I'll get one up on Thursday.

16 Apr, 2018

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