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Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Hello, This is my first time growing sweetcorn and I've noticed that the corn husks are just starting to grow (please see pic) can someone please tell me if I should be feeding it and if so can I use tomato feed or not? Many thanx Lucy :-)



Hi - I would like to know too! First year for me with sweetcorn. I have fed them a couple of times with tomato feed - no bad side effects and the cobs seem to be growing well. Cheers :-) Teresa

22 Aug, 2008


Sorry I missed this question at the time, but perhaps this will help if you're planning to grow sweetcorn again this year. I have successfully grown it for the past two years, and this is what I do. About weeks before planting out, I rake some fish, blood and bone into the bed - and that's it. You can always repeat this some 6-8 weeks on, but I don't, as sweetcorn has shallow roots, which I wouldn't want to disturb. All they need is plenty of plain water in dry spells and, hopefully, plenty of sunshine.

2 Jan, 2009

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