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Sick Acer


By Elleme

Greater London, England

Hi, both of the acers in my front and back gardens have been looking terrible this year. While the one out front (a different type, probably dissectum atropurpureum) had a lot of dieback, this one hasn't but many of the leaves have gone brown and crispy at the edges, some with whitish marks upon them. I know that acers can get badly affected by wind damage but I don't understand why it should look fine for years then have such a sudden downturn this year since I don't recall the weather being hugely worse save for being wetter. I'm worried about pests or diseases. Does this remind anyone of anything in particular?

On plant Acer



Mine also looked like this last year. I put it down to the very wet weather and exposure to the wind. I have since relocated it - it's now in a pot just outside the conservatory door, sheltered from the wind and rain and it's picked up nicely. The leaves are a little bit smaller than last years I think, but I'm glad it's survived. Give yours some TLC and relocate it to a different spot in your garden, hope this reassures you..

15 Sep, 2008


Thanks. I wonder whether relocation would stress it more as it's about 7-8ft tall and in the ground rather than in a container. The conditions within the whole garden are not ideal for acers as I'm on a hilltop, but the wall nearest the acer is 6'6 wall with a very vigourous jasmine growing up it. This year I have planted escallonia on the other side of the garden which has a lower fence, so hopefully the wind will be more filtered in future from that side.

15 Sep, 2008


I get the crispy effect on my Acer if the leaves get wet and then sun, but not the white spots. Could it be mildew type of infection. Someone else may know if Acers might get this. They like some acidity so some ericacious feeding could help, especially in the Spring. Maybe the weather has just been unsuitable this year and lets hope next year is better.

15 Sep, 2008


Definitely looks like Mildew. Our Acer purpureum gets it every year as the leaves begin to get old.

15 Sep, 2008


Don't worry, Elleme, I'm afraid it's that weather to blame again! My Acer palmatum looks just like yours - and is losing its leaves far too early.

15 Sep, 2008


Yes, it's been two years of a rotten summer. I'm hoping for a better one next year - as always!

15 Sep, 2008


I ,have had similar problem with Acers this year but some in a polythene tunnel look fine. I think they dislike the weather. I notice they always seem to grow well in the West country, here in Hampshire they are unhappy.Warm and humid on acid soil thats what they like.

15 Sep, 2008


its just age of the leaves realy.there very delicate at the start of the year let alone later after a summer.i find spiders using the leaves for cover even makes them die back

17 Sep, 2008

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