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Fuchsia Tip Cuttings Swap


By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland

All fuchsia lovers here ,just testing the water so to speak.

Would anyone like to try swapping fuchsia cutting s,could take tip cuttigns now and pot them up send out in Spring as small plugs.Cost of stamp .
Also Multi put fuchsis if we all put tip cuttings in a 3"pot then move up as tips getting bigger and you dont damage the root system.

I am starting off with Rosemary Highman in a Multi Pot.



I'm going to try some Scotkat. Don't know which yet but I'm going to have a look later on. I've run out of compost so have to go and get some .
Hope some other fuchsia growers join in.

30 Sep, 2008


I am liking this wicks compost Hywel with my fuchsias and when I get to my wholesaler for baskets etc wil lpick up Bullrush do like it.

30 Sep, 2008


Is bullrush a type of compost. ?

30 Sep, 2008


Your getting on with Wicks Compost ok then Scotkat:) Im goin2do some Fuchia Cuttings2morrow along with Geraniums, iv 6 different types of Fuchsia Scotkat &id love2swap for others :)

30 Sep, 2008


Ok Jacque lets aim at taking our cuttings now so they can grow for plugs early Spring.

Yes like the wicks as I said toi Hywel also like Bulrush and will be over at my wholesaler so will pick up then.

30 Sep, 2008


Sounds great Scotkat:D i v already grown 3 Tangerine Capes &1 Tom West Fushia this Season :)

30 Sep, 2008


Just back from fuchsia society so they were givign away fuchsias just for donation.

I took silver lining and Anjo,talk was about Daffodils very interesting speker and the ladies all got free talia daffodils.

And I won in the raffel.

30 Sep, 2008


Sorry about spelling mistakes last night was tired ,Ihave to drive 17 miles to and from to my fuchsias society .

And the society hall is on the allotment grounds .

1 Oct, 2008


Don't worry about spelling. I'm hopeless with it. Always have to look words up in dictionary.

1 Oct, 2008


Spelling Mistakes ? i didnt see any spelling Mistakes Scotkat ;) Anyway im not good @spelling either :) As long as it Looks/Sounds like the word i think its ok :)

1 Oct, 2008


Well my friends how do you think this will go fuchsia cuttings.

1 Oct, 2008


hi , think this is a good idea, but it is difficult to start cuttings here at this time of the year, i will definately have well rooted cuttings in spring though should anyone want to exchange

3 Oct, 2008


hi scotcat I would certainly swap fuchsias with you, I have quite a few varieties and a number of cuttings ready at the moment

22 Feb, 2009


Hi Islander that is your swigntime cutting I am growingas a standard and your coachman is about that size the other ,Trudi is very slow to grow and lost the other.

How are your Fuchsias growing?.

14 Apr, 2009


I know this conversation was from ages ago? just wondered if any of you are still doing this? I am in Shropshire, UK, are you in UK too? I have a few varieties, not many yet but want to expand on what i have already. :)

30 Jun, 2011


Hello Steve yes but I did loose all my fuchsias to bad winter so this year I have started again.

You can see my fuchsia 2011 blog .

And if there is any there you don't have happy to swap cuttings.

30 Jun, 2011


Ohhh Cool.....I like the thought Of Blackie, do u have any young ones of that? I have not many as i say but I have Brutus, Waveney Sunrise, La Campanella, F. Magallanica "Alba", and someone gave me a very old tired plant which was very woody and useful for cuttings only so i have put in cuttings but not sure what it is. So if you'd like any of these then that sounds cool. Kit Oxtoby is very nice too so depends what/if you want any that I have but am defo interested in Blackie and Kit Oxtoby!! Thank You :) x

2 Jul, 2011

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