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Cynara Scolymus Globe Artichoke

Bucks, United Kingdom

Having seen what we thought was an example of the above growing in profusion in Somerset in the Spring we bought one hoping for a lot of grey foliage to fill a newly cleared area in a border. At first all was well and we got a steadily growing plant with a reasonable amount of foliage. But once the main stem appeared with 4/5 artichokes on it everything went pear shaped. The stem grew to three feet tall and the leaves virtually vanished. Should we a) abandon it, b) cut the stem to the ground now and when it appears again in the spring or c) have we not got what we thought we had!?
Any help/suggestions gratefully received. PS I know there is already some info on this site but it does not quite answer our question.



I am in Somerset,and grow Cynara cardunculus which is related to yours; it makes a good feature plant in my border. I have no problems with disappearing leaves until late autumn when I cut the stem back and clear away the dead leaves. It re-grows new leaves in the spring and up comes the stem. I haven't grown C. scolymus but I should imagine you should treat it in a similar way.

1 Oct, 2008


Thank you for this. It may well be that the cardunculus performs in the way we want and ours doesn't! Do you cut the flower heads off as they appear to promote foliage growth or leave them and enjoy the flowers?

2 Oct, 2008


Absolutely enjoy the flowers - they are spectacular!

4 Oct, 2008

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