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Is Jerusalem Sage edible? can i cook it and eat it?

Greece Gr

I have moved to Crete were Jerusalem sage grows wild on the mountain. I have planted a small plant and wondered if it can be used in cooking?

On plant (Phlomis Fruticosa Labiatae



Hi Tinacolman, as far as I am aware it was only ever used as a spice

12 Dec, 2008


My goodness, that would be news to me. I am allergic to the plant --one of very few.

That said, the former owners of a garden I maintain planted it, and they used most of their plants in their cooking.

Here's your Phlomis! Doesn;t work for me. Sounds like some S.T.D. (disease)

13 Dec, 2008


Hi Tina. It can be used in cooking just like Salvia officianalis. Strangely enough it goes well cooked with Jerusalem artichokes as a herb, or any other root veg. including potato.

13 Dec, 2008


My ignorance simply is astounding. What part? The leaves or the flowers.What flavor does it impart? Remember in Sequim we love the lavender.

Recipe's for lavender spagetti for cripes sake. Lavender Honey, YuK!

Are there health claims like for comfrey or borage?

13 Dec, 2008


Sage (Salvia officianalis) is a major cooking herb over here Herb. I seem to remember from when I lived in the States that it is not so common there. There are no health claims for it (apart from the usual ones by fringe practitioners) it just tastes good with white meats and root vegetables. The leaves that is. Not that you eat the leaves as a vegetable, it has a very strong flavour so is often removed from the dish before eating. But of course in its most famous format, sage and onion stuffing, it is eaten finely chopped. As far as I am aware Jerusalem sage has very similar taste and bouquet although a different species.


13 Dec, 2008


Pholomis is not a sage. I have never heard of it being used in cooking. I am for one allergic to it, so it will never be used in my Turkey.

Still, the former owners planted things for edibility.
Sarraceniac suggested that it can be used. Even amongst the sages, I only use one. Phlomis is NO Sage!

??? If I am wrong, How and why?

13 Dec, 2008


I won't repeat my earlier answers Herb. Jerusalem sage is a member of the Lamiaceae or mint/borage family. Don't know what it tastes like as it is as rare in the UK as it is in the States. Might be horrible but a chef I know says he has used it and it is OK. Sorry you are allergic to it but rather than saying it is NO Sage shouldn't you be saying it is NOT a Salvia? Then again Salvia divinorum is a Salvia, but certainly is NO sage. Not that I've tried that either. Rather peculiar effects I understand lol.

14 Dec, 2008


I know I am joining the topic a little late but, as Jerusalem sage Phlomis has virtually no smell or taste even when crushed ( just done it ) I doubt that is used in any cuisine.

17 Aug, 2011


I live in Victoria, B.C. (a sort of Mediterranean part of Canada) and was given a cutting of "Italian Sage" last year. I believe is the same thing as Jerusalem Sage. I have been experimenting with it a bit, and I find it's generally comparable to a salvia or 'white' sage, although maybe a little milder, especially if dried first. I would second sarraceniac that it is a good herb for roasted root vegetables or white meat, and best to apply late in the cooking. Haven't encountered anybody who is allergic to it, and hopefully that is not too common as it is a nice addition to my herb garden and seems a little more tolerant of a wetter and colder climate than other sage. BTW, I only use the leaves, and remove all stems and other parts of the plant as they are pretty woody.

18 Jun, 2012


Two Plants same ''common name'' Jerusalem Sage is NOT edible, but people have had allergic reactions. this plant has been well established in Britain. is the one people refer to when talking about the edible Jerusalem Sage.

26 Mar, 2014


hello i live on a greek island and what i believe to be jer. sage(phlomis fructosa) grows wild in sort of looks like sage(the one that goes in stuffing) but its leaves smell like hot cross buns(sugary spice) i think people are mixing up the name of the plant and its not edible!(even tho its leaves smell lovely).the one im talking about has yellow flowers .after the flowers fall they leave cases that look like circular wasp nests up the stem.

20 Oct, 2014

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