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By Marinah

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my hydrangea has beautiful dark green leaves but no flowers whats wrong?



Don't feed it anymore, you should have flower next year.

18 Sep, 2011


And, try not to be tempted to prune it now, you may cut off next year's flowering stems. Give it a feed in the spring and it should flower next year.

18 Sep, 2011


You aren't the only one, mine didn't flower, neither did my dads and they are usually so reliable.

18 Sep, 2011


No flowers for me either. My hydrangeas suffered from bad frost this winter, think I'm lucky they even survived. Plants look healthy now but alas no flowers.

18 Sep, 2011


Be sure to give good frost protection this winter, if it turns out as predicted. The flower buds for next year are forming now, so you will need to protect those branch tips over the cold seasons.

18 Sep, 2011


I'd ask how long you've had the plant, whether you've ever pruned it and if so, when. Also, which variety of Hydrangea is it?

18 Sep, 2011


Good plan Tug, I will protect them.

19 Sep, 2011

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