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Could anyone id these plants for me please? i think the first one is a weed but daren't dig it up incase lol :o)

Photo0300 Photo0299 Photo0303



The second is aucuba japonica (commonly known as spotty laurel) and the third one is broom, but can't tell you the variety.

23 May, 2012


ah thanks very much steragram, i have a yellow one next to it too :)

23 May, 2012


The broom might be 'Lena'?

23 May, 2012


The first one is a foxglove by the looks..

24 May, 2012


Oji- i just googled and most that came up were orangey-yellow but yes there were some same as mine, lena scotch broom so thank u!
Dido- ooh i hope it is foxgloves! good job i dint pull it then! :)

24 May, 2012


Does look like a floxglove. Nice but keep the kids away from them they are poisonous.....but so is alot of stuff. Don't get stressed about it though, just don't let them eat it!

24 May, 2012


oh smorgie i dint know that t.y for letting me know, thats i the front anyway so they dont really play there-think ill put my bestest plants there lol! :)

28 May, 2012

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