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can anyone give some growing advice for growing papavers in southwest GA U.S.A

ga, United Kingdom Gb

i would like to know how, when, and where to start the growing process

On plant papaver somniferum



There are a lot of Poppies out there, You would have to be a bit more specific, Also, I, and I guess most of the contributors here, are not familiar with your conditions, so more on that would be helpful.

4 Jun, 2009


Hi, I live in the southern US also. It is best to plant here in the fall. Late October to early November. Just till the soil and mix compost or potting soil where you want them to grow. Scatter the seeds and lightly tamp them in. Or lightly rake and tamp. Then keep the ground moist at all times. They should sprout within a week or two. I usually wait till spring to thin them out. Or around early March. You should have blooms by the first week in April. Let me know for more precise directions. Sincerely, James

4 Sep, 2009

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