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hundreds and thousands tomatoes


By Norrms

Devon, England

Hiya all, i am growing the variety of" Hundred and thousands" cherry tomatoes and even though i seeded them in March they are still no more than 4/5 inches high. Has any one else had any expierience in these types and how did they do for you ??More importantly what did thet taste like ?? best wishes, Norrms and family xx

These are a cople of pics of my Hundreds and thousands cherry toms i have just transfered to bigger pots. Not one of them was root bound and had very little root on, any ideas?? Also i have some sort of disease on my corden tomatoes that lokks like rusy or something, please help, besy wishes, Norrms and family xx



where are they ? in pots in garden ?, if pots are they pot bound ,I havent grown this type although have loads of cherry's growing at present and they are all around 2 to 3 feet tall, I am in Lanarkshire Norrms I would have expected yours to be further on than mine . Any more info to see if any one can help further.

13 Jun, 2009


Just potted on to 3" pots, certainly not pot bound just so slow to grow ?? LOL

13 Jun, 2009


I grow cherry tomatoes from seed, when you put your seeds in, within about 2wks they would have been ready to pot on into 3in pots, my tomatoe plans are half way up my greenhouse sides and there are loads of flowers on them.

13 Jun, 2009


they need potting on Norrms 3" pots are to small theyshould be in at least 6 to 9 inch pots by now or buy a grow bag and put three per grow bag straight in.

13 Jun, 2009


thank yu for your replies. hopefully photo to follow so you can see what i mwean !!LOL

14 Jun, 2009


Hiya, please find above pic of cherry tomato, also pic of diseased tomato leaf, i have also revised the question, thank you so much, Norrms and family

14 Jun, 2009

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