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Hi, can I move a med sized Bamboo (5ftx5ft) strong and very healthy from the garden border to a pot on the patio, as I want to fence off the garden and its in the way! it would also look great on my patio but obviously I dont want to upset the plant plus how bigger pot would be needed thanks in advance KW



Well good luck with getting that out! I suggest, once you've dug it up, you split the roots and replant a section only in a pot - you'll need a pretty big pot anyway. You don't say what variety it is, but as it's 5 x 5 It's obviously not a short grower. Make the pot a minimum 12/18 inches deep by at about the same wide. In fact, I'd plant two sections, in case one dies, but in different pots, or heel a section in the garden to see if it recovers. Oh and water, water, water, once you've replanted it, and bit of decent compost and some growmore too.

15 Jun, 2009


blimey thats HUGE!!
good luck with that, have you any pics, I love bamboo
x x x

15 Jun, 2009


Suggest that, besides a large pot, you also get two strong men and a pick-axe!

15 Jun, 2009


Thanks all
Gosh going to be quite a job lol ! will post some pics on my garden page.
Cheers for your advice
Bigbumblebee, what would'nt I give for 2 strong men!

15 Jun, 2009

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