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Eating our greens.


By rohima


After gardening, one of my other pass times is food. Not so much eating it but cooking new recipes for the family,hence i love watching the cookery programmes on tv.
Last night i was watching the master cheff finals. The finalists were shown how to use ground elder as food. It is supposed to be like spinach.
Do any goy members have any experience with using ground elder in food?

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hello rohima ~ i was watching that too ~ i was intrigued that they used it for cooking ~ i thought of it as an absolute menace!! i have cooked nettle soup but never ground elder and thankfully i dont have any in this garden so i cant try it out
would you like a cooking web site like this one? if you would can you email the makers of this web site?
i did think their food was too fiddly for my liking but it was very pretty ~ using flowers to decorate and eat!!

2 Nov, 2010


I agree with you, the food does look fiddly and very ponsey(if that's the correct word). I have already sent an email supporting the request for a cooking web and hope more goy members do so too.

2 Nov, 2010


oh thanks, yes i hope so too, i think it would be good ~ i will definitely use it
did you watch masterchef again tonight?
i did like that david and clare ~ really nice people i thought ~ not at all arrogant and they worked so hard ~ hope they do well

2 Nov, 2010

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