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Potting up plants


By rohima


I over wintered my giant begonia corms, begonia illumintion corms and 3 varieties of dhalias wrapped in shredded paper. Kept them in the unheated conservatory for the 2nd year running. I checked on them today and they have all come thru and starting to sprout shoots. I have potted up the begonias and also re potted my Gloriosa lily into new fresh compost. Will tend to the dhalias tomorrow.
Last year i bought a rose from David Austins garden named Trumpeteer. It has red roses. I placed it on the front of the house on the drive against the white of the house wall. Alas my OH managed to drive the car into it during the winter and smashed the pot. The rose plant was kept with its soil in 3 layers of plasic bin liners all thru the winter and suvived under the garden table. Luckily i had bought 2 pots of the same type and size at the time, so with his help the rose was repotted and placed back on the drive. As for parking the car, i have given him strict orders to park on the other side of the drive or better still on the road. Feeling tired now but feeling good for what has been done.

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Sounds like your method of overwintering is a winner Rohima! I bet you're really pleased that they made it again, it can be a costly to replace them!

I recieved my Roses today from David Austin, 'Lady of Shallot' & 'Wild Edric', can't wait to see them in flower, also the perfume of the latter is supposed to be very stong and that's the most important thing, I think!

9 Apr, 2011


Something very satisfying about over wintering stuff and then potting it up - I've had to plant out the gladioli corms because they were a good 6 inches high in their storage pot. I kept them in spent compost on the balcony, up against a wall with a heating pipe the other side of it all winter, out of the rain, and not only have they come through, they're growing apace.

9 Apr, 2011


The Wintering of plants is something I have really got to master so blogs like yours I find really helpful thanks.

9 Apr, 2011


Its great when you wake your corms and bulbs up again for replanting. I replanted my lillies which I had overwintered and they have come on leaps and bounds only to be attacked by the dreaded lily beatle I seem to have killed scores of the .... things.

9 Apr, 2011


I potted up my begonia tubers the other day too, yes I agree, it's very satisfying. I'm glad your rose survived it's trauma but maybe it was better he hit that than your house behind it! I'm so glad to see you're feeling well enough to get out 'pottering' :o)

9 Apr, 2011


Clumsy man lol !
But I am glad the rose survived the winter, and also your begonias and dahlias :)

10 Apr, 2011


Good luck this year ...
... with your gardening ... and parking (!)

13 Apr, 2011


You'll have to get your OH one of those gadgets that can be fitted to your car so when you are reversing it beeps as you get close to objects :)

Pleased you have so many begonias, lilies and rose that survived the harsh winter. They'll be quite a picture when they all bloom!

14 Apr, 2011

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