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By samjp


Just wondered if anyone else had noticed this – or if it’s me going daft again.

It seems the max file size for photos uploaded directly to the blogs has been reduced to 3MB. I’m sure it used to be 5MB (it must have been since my shady border blogs have photos that are 4MB+ in size and I didn’t have to resize them to post them).

What I find really odd is if you load photo’s onto your photo page (rather that just onto a blog page) you can post photos up to 5MB.

Is it just me?

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I haven't noticed anything odd about the file size whether it's 3MB or 5MB makes no difference in the final appearance. So I'll adjust photo size accordingly and the smaller file size requires less memory usage. That's just economical.

Also, it's all free with no limit on how many photos I can upload or how many blogs I can create. It's free. Who can argue?

22 May, 2017


True, it is hard to argue being free. I just found it strange that the photo size limit was suddenly smaller on blogs than the photo pages. Wasn't sure if it was a blip on my machine or a change to the site.

22 May, 2017


I don't know, but when I create my photos, I just make them all 3MB so I don't need to bother with re-sizing. The smaller files upload quicker which I appreciate.

22 May, 2017


Sorry Sam, haven't noticed as I have to take photos on my phone and then down size to 70%.

22 May, 2017


My photos take time to download so I minimise the website and get on with something else, otherwise with my low speed it's like watching paint dry.

22 May, 2017


LOL,me too. I have an old copy of "Photoshop" which is awesome for this.

22 May, 2017


Yes...but I'm pretty sure the max used to be 3mb for all photos, and they upped it to 5 for photos but kept it at 3 for blogs. Perhaps I'm mistaken though. I dont mind resizing my photos. Its great to be able to write a blog for free. :)

22 May, 2017


Thanks guys. Sounds like it's me going daft again then (no surprise there). Was a shock the other day when it would t upload my photos - I always use my phone camera and haven't had to resize them before. It's a bit of a pain on my laptop as I don't have editing software (beyond paint). I may try emailing the photos to myself first as I'm sure I can send resized versions - may be an easier method.

Lol Eirlys it is like watching paint dry isn't it. I have my book to read lol.

23 May, 2017


Samjp ... you going daft ? surely not .. ha ha
Only very occasionally do I need to re-size a photo for GoY. Sorry .. can't be of more help ...
Have you now tried emailing the pics to yourself ?

23 May, 2017


Thats what I do with my photos, I take them on my phone, downsize them in a email, then send them to myself. Takes a while but means can use my tablet to write blog ( as a certain age and phone too small to see lol)

23 May, 2017


I haven't been able to post a lot of things lately so to be honest I would probably blame the whole setup without noticing any differences in size, lol.. I thought I was going daft with mine for over a year Sam, still playing catchup at my end.....

23 May, 2017


Lol Terra, daft is my middle name these days. Not tried emailing the photos yet. Going to be a long week at work. It's 20 past 9 now and I've only just sat down, not even had tea yet (mind you I have spent 20 minutes watering the garden lol). Will probably be the weekend before I have chance.

Thanks Jen, glad to hear it works. Just a bit of a faff but better than nothing - can't really complain on a free site either

Technology is great isn't it Lincs - when it works lol. Hope your having more luck with it now.

23 May, 2017



I had trouble a while back loading photos when I asked a question, I managed it in the end, but don't know what I did or didn't do though. I'm so un techy! Lol.

24 May, 2017


Hi Maggie. Glad you got it sorted in the end.

I've sat and emailed a load of photos to my self today (on a reduced image size) so will have another go at my garden visiting blogs - been to 4 now over 2 days. Stunning gardens.

28 May, 2017

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