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The Shade Garden - Part 2


By samjp


Last weekend we had a trip out to the garden centre for some mini cucumber plants. I don’t think I should have been let out lol. I had a little wonder over to their shady section after a nice heuchera or tiarella for my shade border. Well I found one….

Heuchera Indian Summer Boysenberry

or two…

Heuchera Midnight Rose

Tiarella Spring Symphony (this will get a bit big for the space its in so I’ll have to remember to split it)

I was being quite good up till this point. Then OH spotted a lovely Acer Orange Dream

and convinced me to put the two Heucheras beside it. Well they looked so good together what could I do but bring it home. Then I gave in a picked up a Pieris Little Heath as well lol

Oh and a Hebe Frozen Flame (not for the shade border).

I didn’t have chance to plant them last weekend, so I’ve had a bit of fun today planting. I’ve ended up moving pretty much everything around again lol; the poor things wont know whether they’re coming or going. I’ve also took a couple of plants out of that border. But I think the end result works much better than it did before. I especially love the mix of colours and textures under the Acer.

There’s still a few gaps left yet :-). For this year I’m thinking of planting a big drift of annuals through the gaps, then I can add some bulbs in the autumn. I may at some point plant some ground cover plants toward the front. See how it grows I think first.

Hopefully the photo’s have come out the right way up. They are all showing the right way up on my computer, but the portrait ones keep ending up sideways when I load them onto GOY (at least when viewed through my laptop) – no idea why or how to fix it.

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Those are very pretty Heucheras aren't they? Not surprised you came home with a trolleyful you naughty lady...
The mix of colours in the border is very effective.

29 Apr, 2017


They are lovely plants, Heucheras. Look at all the different shades on one plant (the first pic) , amazing!
I also have a few Heucheras planted under a nd around my Acer. They look good together in a part shady area!

29 Apr, 2017


You will love the Acer Orange Dream lovely blog some lovely Heuchera s you have to

29 Apr, 2017


I love shady ladies. tiarella and heucherella are some of my favs

29 Apr, 2017


Thanks Stera, lol I'm terrible aren't I.

Paul, the colours are amazing aren't they. My neighbour has a similar one in her front garden, but a lighter more caramel colour. I can't help but have a peek every time I walk past lol. Heucheras and Acers do look great together don't they.

Thanks 3D, I'm already loving it.

Thanks SBG, they're some of my favourites as well. So good for adding a bit of light and interest to a shady spot.

30 Apr, 2017


Wonderful choices... the newly planted area looks really nice.. well done !

30 Apr, 2017


Thanks Terra :-)

30 Apr, 2017


Looking good, especially from that garden seat, I imagine.

30 Apr, 2017


Thanks Siris. It is a good spot to see if from that chair. You basically see that last photo - love it :-)

1 May, 2017


I bought 3 Acers in the Autumn plant sales last year.
This is a good idea to keep watching for Heucheras that will bond with them later on.

1 May, 2017


Excellent view, love the Hebe Frozen Flame.

1 May, 2017


Thanks Diane.

Thanks Siris. Fantastic colour in the hebe isn't it. They had another one that was even nicer, but it wasn't Hardy.

2 May, 2017


What gorgeous plants you have bought and they look so lovely in the newly planted bed.
Very pretty indeed, hope to see more of what you create in your garden.

14 May, 2017


Thanks Wildrose, the more mature planting is already filling in some of the gaps - must confess I'm slightly surprised how big the hosts has got lol. I'd swear it was half the size last year lol.

16 May, 2017


I'm still playing catchup Sam but had to say what a difference you have made to your shady spot and the border, I too love Heuchera's, and Hosta's, most of mine started out in pots, however I had to split them because of overcrowding so now have placed some in the ground, so far so good, I think once you start collecting them you are automatically drawn each time you see a new one, it does become an addiction, my Acers I have in pots, keep them near the bottom pond and they are thriving in the dappled shade, also protected if it gets a tad windy..

4 Jun, 2017


Thanks Lincs. It's amazing how much it's filled in already, plus the begonias I've added, I'm really happy with it now.

They are addictive aren't they, so many different colours and patterns. Plus point in the ground they're less likely to get eaten by the dreaded vine weevils.

I bet your acers look great by the pond.

4 Jun, 2017

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