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The plants v The weather


I am always delighted to find the plants on the winners rostrum. In spite of copious amounts of rain after a dry hot summer my plants are still putting on a great show.
Erysimum ’Bowle’s Mauve’ has been flowering for months and it teams up beautifully with Colchicum autumnale .

I was hoping this one, new last year, would reappear.

These are refusing to let my neglect put them off flowering.

A close up of this beauty

One of the new bulbs bought recently is pushing up.

!Nearby C. George Davidson is increasing well.

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It is the wind we have to put up with now. It is pretty windy here. Hope your garden is ok.

19 Sep, 2018


We had a power cut before lunch time but it did not last very long. Lol we are watching apples flying off the trees but its better than checking for flying slates. It is supposed to pass by later this evening. I think further south it is probably pretty wild. We bought a weather station but have not put it up yet. We are west of the Queensferry Crossing and Forth Road Bridges both of which are shut to high sided vehicles. Large lorries being diverted to the Kincardine Bridge are going to be in danger of toppling if they go along the very exposed M9. We will not go in to the garden 'til the wind lessens a lot.

19 Sep, 2018


My Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve' has been flowering for months without any intervention from me, it's been great. It's actually swamped some other plants.

I thought I lost my acer when we had the hot weather as all the leaves had shrivelled up and fallen, but last week I looked and it had new red leaves on and is looking really good. so all the worry I had was for nothing. Nature is amazing, isn't it?

19 Sep, 2018


Lisam it certainly is. I think I will need to ask a question on pruning the E. 'Bowles Mauve' because it has become leggy. I do not think that is how it should look. I am pleased to hear the Acer is recovering and producing its autumn foliage. I love the colours of autumn. There is still a lot of green for this time of year. We have not been up north this month but we would expect to see hillsides covered in gold.

19 Sep, 2018


My Bowles Mauve bit the dust this year after doing brilliantly or ages. Should have taken a few cuttings from the leggyold thing before it went to glory..
You have some gorgeous flowers out just now Scotsgran.
Is George Davison always as late flowering as this? Very useful if it is! Your Delphinium is a glorious colour!

19 Sep, 2018


GD is supposed to be mid to late summer flowering. It flowered on for months last year. It is late in starting to flower this year but I put that down to a combination of the weather and the fact that it is just settling in. I have one named Firejumper. It is glorious at the moment but it has been flowering for months already. I have seen it in flower up to Christmas. I can send some of that if you want them. It is too early to disturb this one.
I am thrilled with the Delphinium. I grew it from SRGC seed. It is so colourful it is like a rainbow. Click on Ctrl and + together to blow up the photo and you will see the white 'tongue' is yellow underneath covered in fine white hairs. Use Ctrl and - together to get the screen back to the size you want. Blowing it up also shows off the wonderful textures of both the stems and the flowers.

20 Sep, 2018


Yes its magnificent - not surprised you are thrilled with it!

That's a lovely Crocosmia offer - thank you very much! It can replace an unnamed orange one that doesn't flower as long as this one seems to. The modern varieties are so much better than they were even a few years ago aren't they?

I guess you'll have Lucifer already but if not I could send you some of that? (If I can manage to split some off...)

20 Sep, 2018


We survived the high winds yesterday. Quite a bit of tidying up today and Barbara and I picked up a lot of apples and pears.
Apple pie tonight!!

20 Sep, 2018


Linda I am looking for a food bank where I can offer to donate my spare apples. There is no way we can use them up. This has been a bumper year. We lost some slates and some plants were battered but on the whole our wind break planting seems to have worked well.
Steragram I have Lucifer. It was a gift from you. The first lot you sent did not do well so you sent me a second lot. I dk why but both lots decided to grow like mad. I will post some to you and hope they grow well for you. I have always named this 'Firejumper' but looking on line to see when it is supposed to flower it looks more like 'Harlequin'. I cr where I got it but I do have a label saying it is Firejumper. There are so many that look very similar that it is hard to keep up.

20 Sep, 2018


I have lost my Bowles mauve and all the cuttings :o( but my brother will let me have some of his.
I must go and look at the colchicums and see if they have emerged for me. yours look stunning.

23 Sep, 2018


Thank you Sbg, good to see you back on site. I hope you are feeling well and that you do not take too long to get over your major op. I hope you have shared our beautiful weather today. It was so warm I had to shed the jacket and work in my T shirt. It was really hot in the sun. I found two more colchicums, both white, pushing up through the ground today and the first of my Sterbergia lutea opened up. It is easy to see why its common name is autumn daffodil. It is such a bright yellow. I am way behind with things to do piling up. I planted my long planters in front of the kitchen window with mixed colour violas. I got all but two done. I ran out of Red Riding Hood tulips to interplant with the violas. I will get more tomorrow and finish the job. Did you find your Colchicums?

23 Sep, 2018


Thank you Sbg. I hope you found your colchicums, if not they should not be long. I have another two coming up, both white. I have some Sternbergia lutea coming up too. I only have one out at the moment. No wonder the common name is autumn daffodils. They are such a bright yellow.

23 Sep, 2018

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