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Twentieth October 2018


I was able to get out and take a few photos in the front garden. The colour around is such a joy.

We had to take the car to Perth to have a service so to while away the time we went along to M where I just had to buy these Allium bulbs. Although they were reputedly imported from America in to Holland in the 1850’s they are being marketed as a new variety.

!These three are not so welcome because I do not know what they are and they are growing on the bits of shrubs which I could not remove.

And some more treasures from today

There are pretty silver markings on the outside of the petals

The pots outside the kitchen window have violas to flower through the winter and are underplanted with Tulipa ‘Red Riding Hood’

Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora ‘Lady Emily MacKenzie’ have huge flowers. They need to find a permanent home in the garden.

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It's nice when things flower in the autumn. The insects are enjoying your Anemonies.
Is that blue stripy flower called a Gentian ? It's very pretty.

21 Oct, 2018


some wonderful plants still strutting their stuff Scotsgran.

I love the cyclamen and troughs of pansies. they shout the beginning of autumn.

21 Oct, 2018


Plants are doing well how are you doing,Loads of Fungi in my garden as well some I have not seen here before, been disposing of some in case Jamie decides to sample them,not had the Autumn gentians for some years but love them.

21 Oct, 2018


Hywel the blue flower is a Gentian 'Berrybank Sky'. It is a super colour combination with that silvery stripes on the outside. It is one of the beautiful Gentians bred by Ian MacNaughton of MacPlants, a nursery I like very much. The nursery is now run by his wife and their son. I bought the autumn crocus and it was supposed to be white. I have written to the supplier to ask for the correct ID. I really like it with that very distinctive leaf shape pattern imprinted on the petal.
Sbg I usually plant pansies in those troughs but fancied a change this year. We have had an awful lot of wind so I decided to opt for the lower growing violas. They perked up very quickly and I expect they will spread out a bit more. I only planted them at the beginning of October. I bought some more cyclamens but will need to wait till I can bend down to get them planted. The leaf patterns are wonderful. Bjs, like Jamie I'm on the mend. I have been able to cut back on the pills and am raring to get going until I breathe too deeply or turn too quickly. Then I remember the doctor said three weeks agony then 8-10 weeks before I am healed. I still sleep propped up on half a dozen pillows. I have not seen these fungi before either but they do look quite impressive. I hope they will not spread to other plants. The cyclamen in the photo after the gentians came from you. I think it was the first plant you gave me and it is doing very well. I love that leaf. and the flowers are pure white until you look inside then they are dark pink. Very pretty.

21 Oct, 2018


It's annoying when you get sent a wrong plant but that is a very nice one. I hope they will tell you the correct name .

21 Oct, 2018


I am pleased with it Hywel but I do want to know exactly what it is. I sent an email but if they are on holiday or just busy they may take time to get back to me.

22 Oct, 2018


Beautiful Autumn garden, including the mushrooms/fungus.

22 Oct, 2018


the yellow flower looks like Sternbergia lutea, the autumn daffodil. it is a pretty flower but I found it short lived in my garden.
the fungus that looks like a bracket fungus could be Turkey tail [Trametes versicolor] or turkey of the woods. I have it on an old apple stump. In some ways the fungus is a good thing helping to recycle material back into the soil for other plants to use.

22 Oct, 2018


Hywel, I got an apology and offer of a refund on my crocus. It is Crocus cancellatus ssp. cancellatus. Having looked at the photos of this on the internet I do not think I would have ordered it but seeing it 'in the flesh' I love it. I have chalked it up to a lucky accident. Bathgate I'm happy with the garden this year. After too much sun, wind and even rain all at the wrong times I was worried that many plants would either flower and die very quickly or not flower at all. I am quite taken with the mushrooms. I feel a bit happier about them now that Sbg, see the next comment, has id'd one of them. I googled Trametes versicolour and found it is used to help in the treatment of breast cancer. Sbg you are right it is Sternbergia lutea. Thank you for the ID of the fungus. I'm not sure which tree root it is growing on because this has come to the surface in the grass outside the raised bed where we cut down a beech tree and a silver birch.

3 Nov, 2018

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