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I selected a number of photos to post on the site, but there was only space to put in three. What do others do to post lots of photos? Maybe they were too big, though I did compress them.

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You can put as many photos as you like on the main photo page. You do them one at a time. Click 'add photos' on the top right of the page.

In a blog you can put up to 3 at a time. But then you can put another 3, and then another 3. etc

12 Oct, 2010


Oh ! ! Thanks Hywel. I'll go back and try again. I thought I put the first three on but so far they've not appeared. Funny the things you notice (good and bad) about your garden when you stop to photograph it. I kept spotting things to do that I only noticed when I saw it in the frame.

12 Oct, 2010


You include your first three photos and if you want to add your draft and when you return to continue editing you can browse for additional photos to add to your blog. Then save draft, continue editing etc...... (hope that helps!)

It is a slow process to add several photos but if you keep at it and have the patience we'll all enjoy seeing them. :)

12 Oct, 2010


Yes there's always something to do isn't there lol.

12 Oct, 2010

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