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Maybe our warmest January day ever.


By stan510


One weather site said today was house saw 72(22c) Hayward’s warmest January day is 73f,back 30 years ago.
And if today wasn’t the record,tomorrow must be as they say it will be even warmer.
I feel the garden season is upon me. I bought 3 bags of potting soils. Soon start potting up those that need it. Experience has taught me that to wait for the calender to say spring is wasting a lot of time. Plants are swelling now- even the subtropical’s.

If there is any good news on the drought its that the second week of February is supposed to be rainy. Then again they said this Monday and Tuesday..and now they say no.

Also..something in the news about Wales. Other then Andrew? I cant remember.

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It must be pleasant being in those temperatures. I hope you enjoy your spring garden.

I can't think what you've heard in the news about Wales. Nothing eventful ever happens here.

25 Jan, 2015


Its very nice. At the warmest part of the day,its a vacation from winter's cool nights and mornings.
It was a new record Howell,for the town and some other bay area cities. Warmest January day ever.
Warmer today ,they say. Rain is on the horizon though! not too much of a guilt trip in enjoying the sun.

25 Jan, 2015


We did have a small tornado last week here in SW Wales but although 6 houses lost roofs I don't imagine it would have made the international news! Forecast for this week looks quite harmless if a bit chilly.

What temps would you normally expect in January Stan?

25 Jan, 2015


For lows,5C. Highs 14-15C. This January we are on a recent run of 21C..and I looked and saw that last year this time we were also having much warmer then average temps. One year is a fluke,two years in a row is worrisome.

27 Jan, 2015


I thought that Hayward has had a warmer daytime temp in January...or maybe I'm thinking of February. I know temps in the 80'as have been recorded in February.

28 Jan, 2015


Steragram,The Wales news was a mention of the rains? I know my ears perked up a bit since I was told here on GOY,Wales is England's wettest climate.

Andy, I usually go by Intellicast's records and WU. Intellicast goes back to the 50's..but end around the 90's. Weather Underground admits they only show records back to 1997. So,in checking Intellicast they say a 73f in the 1980's is our warmest January day ever. WU,interestingly enough says 73f ,but for ANOTHER January date in the 1990's!
So,74f I take it to be hottest ever.

28 Jan, 2015


Yes it is a bit worrying, but nothing we can do except try to adapt. Yes Wales can be pretty wet but when its fine it is glorious. My sister spent a week here as a teenager when we lived in Yorkshire and her classmates christened it the Land of Sog (after the Welsh saying that its the Land of Song)

28 Jan, 2015


Stan, I just heard this morning on the TWC that the Bay Area my not receive any rain at all in this January. This is really bleak for our drought. At least we received a tiny bit of rain this January compared to the trace we received last January (which is basically no rain). Yesterday, here it was another warm 80ºF (27ºC) day.

29 Jan, 2015


And then,we break that record a week later..oh boy. 78f at HAYX,82 in the Hayward Hills.
I never thought I would live to see a 80f day somewhere in town in January.
And Andy,the "cooldown" for this week is still near 70f everyday. that's 10-12 f above the usual 60-62f for early Feb.
Yesterday,we were warmer then Los Angeles.

2 Feb, 2015


I know saw that for the Jan. 31st. I thought maybe it was a mistake. It was warmer there in Hayward than here in San Diego...we only made it up to 70ºF (21ºC), yesterday. Today, Feb. 1st it was 75ºF, though (where I live). The forecast for the rest of the week is mid to upper 70's for most of inland San Diego and some low 80's for the end of the week. It's almost a repeat of last year. This is really bad for our severe drought.

2 Feb, 2015

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