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A great June!


By stan510


It was 88F today. 31C. Its just a fast peak thing for today..but nice in the 24C range they say most of the week.
What have I been doing? Cleaning plants up..removing all the dead leafs that hang on the Cordys for example,cutting somethings back. I also potted up a Aloe polyphylla..a brute of a potted Aloe.
Its been more of me trying to organize what I have instead of just adding.
Results are now much faster..the right spot,fertilizer,pot..and the plants show it.
I also want to paint trimmings this patio arbor needs freshening up. Paint is a good start!
One last…I’ve really reduced the potted plants. Its too much of a summer chore to water a big collection…potted also need many times the amount of water that same plant would need in ground.
Only certain delicate plants or plants that would grow too big in ground ( Ficus elastica) are staying potted. I can tell already I’m not using nearly as much water now.

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Have to confess: 88F is too hot for me! Looks as if your plants love it, though. Isn't Aloe polyphylla difficult to cultivate?

3 Jun, 2018


That was just a one day affair. We are on the way back to the usual 72F,22C or so.
My potted area is looking a little thin-lol. After a few years of adding and adding.
I think gardeners sometimes get so fanatical that they create something that takes every last bit of their time and energy..with no let up. That means should you get tired or worse...those plants can be lost. Some.
I can see why very large gardens kill excess space with hardscape of rocks and pavement.
The A.polyphylla Eirlys is sensitive to too much heat and hates a clay soil. It just nearly died in ground on me. When I dug it up and put into a took off. That was 3 years ago.
I also think I got a good clone..since many are not forgiving and will just days sometimes in the wrong situation.

3 Jun, 2018


I should add,I had just watered the Aloe. Why those leaves look pimply-ha.

3 Jun, 2018


Your plants are looking vood Stan whats growing over the harbour which looks lovely . Its been a lovely sunny day here too today and yesterday. Pleased to hear you ve got most of your potted plants at last in the ground which cant be bad if you are saving water.

3 Jun, 2018


That's a Senecio petasitis with dried bloom from spring Penny. Its another I can always to count on to look good and no fuss to keep.
The older I get,the more that subtropicals that need most of summer to look good again? Losing my interest. A few are ok..but I dont want to wait nowadays.

3 Jun, 2018


Thank you Stan it looks good great its easy and always rewards you.

Yes that I can understand but it is nice when they do bloom if weather allowing.

4 Jun, 2018


I want the tropicals that greet the longer and milder days more then I now want the tropical's that need Junes warm to get going.
Some plants that I have that are budding ( tropical) were doing that in March and April in a greenhouse just to compare.
Others like my cool liking Orchids,my tropical ferns do grow much sooner in the year. Just need more water!

4 Jun, 2018


Yes you ll have to find some to greet tge linger days Stan will you get rid of some of your others or you just want extra.

5 Jun, 2018


That great June took a turn to the cool for a week. Good thing a new warmup starts Sunday.

9 Jun, 2018


Glad your getting warmer weather Stan

10 Jun, 2018

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