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By stan510


The start of thinning out the yards. This Agave had too much lean. No point in pruning it now. So,how to chop the rest up? Axe? I dont know. Chainsaw will just gum up,throw its chain.
I wonder about covering in plastic. Cleat to cook,or black to starve of light?..would that rot stink to high heaven?
Never again with big Agaves.

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A job for the machete!

22 Oct, 2018


I 'd use a bow saw or branch saw. they have wide set teeth so don't really get clogged up. then i'd pour something like a brush wood killer on the cut surfaces, cover it to keep water and animals off. then it will die and be able to be forced out with a crowbar or similar.

22 Oct, 2018


We cant manage without SB girl.

22 Oct, 2018


I cut the leaves off with a bowsaw. Its the rest of the plant thats dangerous...the sap reacts to me like acid. Think Ripley in "Aliens". I once got what looked true fire burn on my triceps pruning leaves a couple of years ago. Even yesterday..a few drops got me.
One thing for sure- axe the bud to kill it and no going back.
I just have to take my time...its going to be slow!

23 Oct, 2018


yes the sap on many plants can be a real problem. so its full clothes, gloves goggles then is it Stan?

23 Oct, 2018


But the Agave plant has that one thing which makes up for everything - Tequila!

23 Oct, 2018


only if you like tequila Paul :p

I must say it is one spirit I cant get to like and I have tried many times.

23 Oct, 2018


Well, did you ever try a 'Tequila Sunrise'? It has that Sweet/Sour thing going on. I really enjoyed it during my 'discovery days'. Don't ask. You can google it to see what it is.

23 Oct, 2018


I could make spirits..ha. Just need a way to crush that huge base..where to ferment?
From what I've seen and read,some Agaves are better flavored..but I think all the large species can be made into something alcohol.

23 Oct, 2018


That's true, Tequila actually comes from the Blue Agave.

23 Oct, 2018


From my recent experience of body cell dehydration due to lack of water Stan would be better getting gallons of this in and drinking 4 pints a day, as I am. I collapsed again on the garden, they put me on a drip at the hospital.
I drank 2 pints a day during the heat wave, the Dr. said it was not enough, I needed 4 pints.
This Tequila lark is best left alone methinks.

24 Oct, 2018


oh yes I have tried Tequila sunrises and several other tequila cocktails, my eldest girl's boyfriend used to be a mixer in a cocktail bar. hic!

24 Oct, 2018


ah hah, that was one of my favorites, but I have lots other favorites.

24 Oct, 2018


I remember having Tequila in the Dominican Republic on holiday once. I liked it very much. These plants are a real chore to get out aren't they. I'm glad I can't grow them! You've done well Stan .... hope you get the rest out in good time.

28 Oct, 2018


Thanks Karen.
I started on the hacking with an Axe.
Much slower going then I thought. The crown where the spear is? VERY tough,very fibrous.
I watched on youtube an experienced Mexican cowboy chop a Tequila Agave's leaves with one fast stab..went around the plant,and then cut the roots at the base. Like 10 minutes!
I spent a half hour..and have a long ways to go. I did sort of peel it to the central part.
I might try digging at the roots next. I might get lucky and find those are the weak spot..or find out,that's not possible!
No hurry.

29 Oct, 2018


I just hacked down a giant sedum autumn joy growing in my front garden. I loathed how it lay down flat after it blooms. Removing the crown is much easier after a soaking rain and it rained all weekend. The crown lifted right up out of the mud ez pz. I bagged that mess, curbed it, the men will take it away in the morning; wonderfully satisfying. Now, what do I plant in its place?

30 Oct, 2018


I updated how far I've gotten. Still a long way to go. You can see about how much I can slice with a swing of an axe. Not much!

1 Nov, 2018

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