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Can I have a moan?


We have always had a mole or two in the bank but this spring one has embarked on excavating the lawn. I just hate killing things and don’t know what to do. I have tried jumping along over the tunnels (don’t watch…) but don’t suppose it will do any good. Our last cat used t catch them but we are catless at present. I did wonder if it would retreat in disgust if i poured a few drops of Jeyes fluid down into a tunnel – what do you think?

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Would the Jeyes fluid do more damage than the mole? Constant flooding with a hose might be better if you can

4 Apr, 2019


several suggestions that are supposed to work according to the books

pop an empty bottle in the hole with the open top just above soil level. the wind makes it 'whistle' and apparently they don't like the noise.

old fashioned moth balls [naphthalene] in the hole

rags soaked in jeyes fluid rather than pouring the liquid in

Having said that moles don't read the books.

And don't apologise for the moan you have every right to do so.

4 Apr, 2019


Yeah...we had one or two last year, but. MOlly must have got one cause I found one dead on the lawn. Terrier. That’s what you need! I did put dog poo down the holes, but they just moved elsewhere in the garden. They didnt go under the lawn though...probably because the dogs run about on the grass and the noise is a warning to them.

4 Apr, 2019


I had moles playing havoc in my garden, no grass but my crocuses & other plants were pushed up & it was driving me mad constantly replanting, only to have them pushed up again. I tried the Jeyes Fluid, it didn't work, but the moth balls did. They aren't like the old fashioned kind, they come in little sachets which you're not to remove from. I used 4, & it seems to have done the trick. I now have a mole in the front garden but it's not such a nuisance there, soil on top of the gravel. Will put up with it for a bit. The grass in front of the homes in the Close where I live is absolutely riddled with hills which no- one is doing anything about, so they are spreading into our gardens from there.

4 Apr, 2019


That’s rotten luck Sue - I do hope one of these tips works for you -and feel free to moan all you like! This is a good place for a bit of sympathy . . . x

4 Apr, 2019


I don't have moles but I heard they loath peppermint. Try using cotton balls. Put a few drops of peppermint oil on cotton balls & through them down the holes - or anything minty - chewing gum, candy, etc.

4 Apr, 2019


Thats a good idea Bathgate.

4 Apr, 2019


Creosote used to be the remedy, but of course you can't get that any longer, but I suppose anything strong smelling might do the trick.

4 Apr, 2019


Chewing gum or Castor oil.

4 Apr, 2019


They say noise is good to deter them such as music. Brambles down the holes is also another idea. I made a sort of wind chime from cans and I put solar lights where they are currently and they seem to have stopped coming.

5 Apr, 2019


Well thank you everybody - Lots of things to try there and one of them should do the trick.I can try a different one in each molehill - one should do the trick!
Karen, I'll pass on the terrier - we looked after two for three weeks last winter and we both said never again...

5 Apr, 2019


My sons had a lot of mole hills in Sweden last year. It looked odd in the snow.....lots of little black circles.

6 Apr, 2019


I was advised to ASK the mole to leave! I did so to the nearest mole hill, and, feeling a fool, added that next door lived the secretary to the RSPCA.

We had no further problems but next door did!!!!!

7 Apr, 2019


Lol Eirlys, your mole was clearly of the intelligent variety!

7 Apr, 2019

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