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Today in the garden and park.


just a few pics of the garden and a couple of wildlife here, also took the girls and Millie to windsor park for a walk so a few pics there as well.

so to start at the Aquilegia bed, moving on now so flowers soon.

The Primula planter all mixed prims, were plug plants but a lot bigger now.

A new one on me Muscari macrocarpa ‘Golden Fragrance’ not fully open but getting there.

Euphorbia and prairie fire grass, nice grass i think, goes a nice orangy colour also called orange sedge.

Dicentra is slowly getting there too, i have the white alba behind it so hopefully they will self cross.. if not i may just help them :-)

the first little bunny tail grass this year, this ones a self seeder, must sow my collected ones soon..

As nice as these daisy’s are, not in my lawn !!

this was a nice hybrid i did, almost a nice green colour… a bit more work needed i think…

tristagma uniflorum also called ipeion uniflorum, quite nice also has a slight scent to it..

must be spring the waterskaters are mating….

American hybrid semp from seed, now a year and a half old and quite nice i think.

A variegated camassia which i’m looking forward to this year..

my little babies are doing ok so far…

Now in the Heather Gardens love the contrast here…

nice conifer i though.

more heather, well it is the heather gardens.

A two legged follower just in case we had some treats in our picnic :-)

going to the valley gardens we saw these red lichen trees, in the sun they glowed, pity i couldn’t capture that..

some scunk cabbage in the valley gardens by virginia waters..

just liked the blue sky through the tree..

Any way that was our day out, didn’t mention defrosting the in laws freezer did i…. hmm that was fun…

thanks for looking ..

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I enjoyed seeing how your garden is coming along, especially that sempervivum, looks a really good colour!
Those gardens you went to look a great place to visit, love the heathers and conifers, thanks for the blog:)

20 Apr, 2013


your garden is comming on nicely SL, and a lovely day out to with great pics all the way.
good close ups of the skater and tads, love nature, thank god my freezer is self defrosting lol :o))

20 Apr, 2013


Excellent, Surrey.
I take it the muscari is scented?
And the colour of that semp? The red & yellow one? Glorious!

20 Apr, 2013


Yes, me too. That muscari is really nice. Also love the last photo. As for the heathers and the freezer defrosting.......nah.....;) But the skunk you're talking, and what a gorgeous sempervivum! And those glowing red trees! Wow! thanks Slad. it's been a few years since we were last in Windsor....sigh.

20 Apr, 2013


Looks like a good day out and a picnic makes it perfect. I love the last picture - all that blue sky is just so joyous.

20 Apr, 2013


Great Windsor park.
Happy days. Lol.

20 Apr, 2013


thanks very much everyone i'm glad you all enjoyed it, as for the freezer yes i think i'll talk the in laws into a self defroster.. :-) the muscari has a scent yes but not as strong as i hopped still any scent is a bonus i got it for the colour really :-)

lol Mouldy :-))

thanks again everyone :-)

20 Apr, 2013


lovely mate - like you I put white dcentra with the red bang next to each other . no water skaters here that I know anyway, we have a spider than runs across - brilliant pics mate on a great day

20 Apr, 2013


Red bang.
Is that like cillet bang? Lol.

20 Apr, 2013


lol maybe

20 Apr, 2013


bang and the red is gone :-))

20 Apr, 2013


cheers Paul, not seen a spider do that before mate must be fun to see that :-)

20 Apr, 2013


yes mate little ones that run and sit on water , just has little dimples in water at end of its legs :D

20 Apr, 2013


fishing spider it's called SL

20 Apr, 2013


that's so cool mate, just had to google it, it's an interesting one that. :-)

20 Apr, 2013


Lol, Surrey!
Seen that, too, along with waterboatmen.
Come to think of it, isn't there a spider that lives under the surface.
Yes, I remember, it breathes in the air trapped in the bubbles around it's body.
Weird or what?

20 Apr, 2013


I've seen that one Mouldy, years ago now it traps air around itself.

20 Apr, 2013


I saw it in a wildlife prog about 30 odd years ago, Surrey.
Big Dave Attenborrough doing ponds.
The camera was underwater photographing dragonfly larvae attatched to reed stems & caught the spider rising, then submergimg again, after it had replenished the bubbles.
Everything was covered, slugs, , fleas, you name it.
If I remember correctly a healthy pond contains around 22 different life-forms.
Incredible, when you stop to consider how a deep 'puddle' can support that many creatures!

20 Apr, 2013


yes that's very true mate, that's the beauty of nature :-)

21 Apr, 2013


So how come we got lumbered with slugs? Lol.

22 Apr, 2013



22 Apr, 2013


Love that Semper, and never thought about the Dicentras crossing !! (do you know they have changed the name it is not Dicentra any more, but do you think I can remember what it is? no, because it is totally forgettable , so it will always be Dicentra to me) great pics.

22 Apr, 2013


Thanks, The new name is Lamprocapnos spectabilis 'Alba' why oh why they changed it to that is beyond me DD, like you it'll always be dicentra :-)

22 Apr, 2013


Alba white, without the alba for red..

22 Apr, 2013


Thats a lousy name, I shall never ever get my mind around that one lol

22 Apr, 2013


They're breaking my bleeding heart! LOL.

23 Apr, 2013


I know DD lol.

Lol Mouldy :-))

23 Apr, 2013


Your Aquilegias are looking really healthy, S'lad ... one of my favourite flowers of all ... I have just searched around for my Dicentra but can't see a sign of it ... I hope it hasn't succumbed to the wet Winter.

24 Apr, 2013


Lovely Pics S'lad in the garden and the park, a lovely blue sky makes all the difference whether we are in the garden or having a day out........

24 Apr, 2013


Thanks Shirley, fingers crossed I hope yours make it.

Thanks Lincslass yes the blue sky makes a difference everyone's happy and smiling.

25 Apr, 2013

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