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First of June and i hope you’re all enjoying nice weather like we are down here, so just a look at how things are going in on the first of the month here…

the Aquilegia border is in full flower…

Quaking grass, ‘Briza Maxima’..

A large patch of Briza i have inter planted with dwarf aster and Achillea summer berry mix.

A favourite of my kids, a forest of bunnytails, ‘Lagurus Ovatus’

Carex Pendular grown from seed and a while till it’s full size..

Corydalis Flexuis ‘China Blue’

Euphorbia Goldfoam in dull weather…..

Goldfoam in sunny weather…. lights up a treat.

lovely little perennial, a hardy gloxinia/chinese trumpet flower ‘Incarvillea Delavayi’

A small part of the grass bed i have, in this pic is 8 varieties of grass. will come into it’s own beauty in september.

London Pride in full flower,just love this little flower / ‘Saxifraga Umbrosa’

love this one too, ‘Kniphofia Caulescens’

Athough i collect grasses and love alpines, i do have a fascination for Oxalis i have 6 now, this one is iron cross or ‘Oxalis Deppei’

Peony and Aqua mixed with Achillea and Aster bed.

The Silybum is growing well now..

loads of Hoverflies this year here..

Stipa Gigantea has nice spikes coming, 9 at last count..

closer of the seed stem forming…

my Thyme is flowering, love fresh thyme.

A new Annual grass for this year, goes a lovely dark purple black, ‘Oryza Sativa Black Madras’

Roscoea seedlings here, second year of growth so maybe a year or two away from flowers, this is a dwarf type called ‘Roscoea Scillifolia BlackBird’ deep purple almost black.

Eucomis Vandermerwei bud slowly forming in the centre here..

Eucomis Autumnalis in full flower…

A lovely seedling sent by Meanie last year is growing well now ‘Cubanola Domingensis’

That’s about it for now so thanks for looking. :-)

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Lots of nice colour SL...and u'r red hot poker is very early!and the Eucomis will soon add some tropical labour!!!

1 Jun, 2013


lovely blog and so much going on in your garden SL,
my poker hasnt flowers yet, hope i get some, only had two weedy looking flowers last year, this year i have a carex grassy plant growing through it haha, its all mingles in my garden lol,
hope your enjoying the sunshine.

1 Jun, 2013


Sunshine? Who's getting sunshine...Cold and dull here in Essex and in Cambridgeshire where we went today!

1 Jun, 2013


Hello Warwick ..
Lots of interest in your garden ...
nice to see unusual choices of plants ...
and love those bunny tails !

1 Jun, 2013


sorry you didnt have sunshine paul, its been so lovely here, i walked a nature trail this morning near our village for about an hour, it was lovely and peacefull to.
hoping for the sun tomoz to, will send you some paul :o))

1 Jun, 2013


Hoping we'll have some as well, Sandra.......Very disappointed today! 20C forecast here tomorrow!! Lots to do in garden tomorrow so sun would be nice!!!!!

1 Jun, 2013


fingers crossed then paul, enjoy the rest of your weekend :o)

1 Jun, 2013


And you Sandra!

1 Jun, 2013


cheers paul.

1 Jun, 2013


Lovely collection full of interest

1 Jun, 2013


Great selection - I love the aquilegia border. How tall does the incarvillea grow? I got one in a bargain bundle this spring but wasn't sure where to put it.I thought it was taller than yours appears to be. (Its only just started to push through the soil, it was all dried up when I got it)

1 Jun, 2013


Your blogs are always interesting, SL - you are so knowledgeable. Love that corydalis and will look forward to those grasses in Sept. My Bunnytails are still only about two and a half inches but growing well. If I didn't have such heavy clay I'd love a prairie style with lots more grasses.

1 Jun, 2013


Thanks Paul, hope you got some sunshine in the end today, or at least some tomorrow..

Thanks Sandra, your poke grass combo sounds great hope to see them in your pics this year..

Hi Terra, thanks :-)

Thanks Brian :-)

Hi Steragram mines about 12 - 14 inches high and in shade so yours may grow a few inches taller :-)

Thanks Tuesdaybear that's nice of you to say, I wish I had a bigger garden for a prairie border myself, my bunny tails were sown at different times some in December for an early show.. :-)

1 Jun, 2013


Thats a good idea, to put Aquilegias in a border by themselves. I sometimes think we mix plants up too much.

2 Jun, 2013


You have lots of unusual and interesting plants. Nice to see them flourishing :o)

2 Jun, 2013


So many plants and flowers I do not know, Surreylad! It was like excursion across botanic garden. Aquilegias are so beautiful when they are in cluster! I love bunnytails forest, too :-)
I wonder if the plant which you named "Knipholia Caulescens" is what we call (folk name) "Needle of Cleopatra". But it requires a lot fo sun and blooms here in the summer, it is too early.

2 Jun, 2013


Thanks Diane :-)

Thanks Hywel :-)

Thanks Kat, this does like a lot of sun, and mine is in a hot area, but I've not heard it called needle of cleopatra but maybe the same.

2 Jun, 2013


Looking great SL

6 Jun, 2013


The kniphophia was Red hot poker where I grew up - there are so many folk names for plants.

6 Jun, 2013

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