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Sorry i’ve not been on here recently but i’ve been real busy plus a few other issues to sort out. Anyway i shall try to get to everyone as soon as i can.

here goes, quite a few pics so grab a cuppa or a beer and if your settled lets begin…

Achillea terracotta it’s a nice filler…

Blue and white Campanula’s together.

a shot across our middle border, delph’s dahlia’s spirea euphorbia’s lilies etc…

next 3 are delphinium Pacific Giant Strain.

loads of bees on them this year..

closer of one on the delphs…

Closeup of the Eucomis Bicolor flower.

Eucomis vandermerwei, bad year this year, not enough sun and to long a cold spell..

closeup of the vandermerwei flower..

Lagurus Ovatus, bunny tail grass…

Centaurea amethyst dream, a lovely colour i though.

creeping campanula, i love it rambling in through the other plants…

Epipactis gigantea or the chatterbox orchid is now in bud, complete with blackfly Aghhh..

Datura’s two stages the back one was overwintered and you can see the difference in size between them.

Deutzia x hybrida ‘Strawberry Fields’ i do love this shrub..

Dianthus Deltoides doing well frost seed last year..

Digitalis always a bee pleaser..

Euphorbia Goldfoam bee’s have smothered this this year..

a friendly Dragonfly having a break here.

Briza Maxima in it’s finishes look, a lovely golden colour..

the first of my seed grow semps are flowering…

mixture of semps grasses dianthus saxafraga and i can see a large leafed plant from the andes in south america and from the look of it i’d better move it very soon..

Iris pseudacorus i got from a flea market a few years ago in egham town..

lychnis coronaria atrosanguinea and the white companion with it…

3 of the horrid poppie this has flowered its socks off and i love it, cobalt blue flowers spikes and all…

more buds below the main stems..

The seedpods for further plants…

Hebe Wiri Charm love this one, great purple colour to it..

meconopsis cambrica yellow is still going strong, also spread a load of it’s seed today too…

dactylorhiza maculata or the heath spotted orchid a treat to see flowering again..

mock orange or philadelphus coronarius nice scent and a great shrub to have..

one of the two shrubs i have here, this ones out the front garden..

Allium Molly with a few Pansies to add colour…

oxalis Deppei i do like these..

oxalis adenophylla nice but keep it in a pot….

my orange hibiscus is budding up nicely…

Paeonia lactiflora ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ AGM gorgeous scent and flower, probably my fav peony.

Iris Wilsonii not so good this year, it’s missing it’s distinctive markings on the lips, still nice though..

3 plants in my porch, first is on the left ismene festalis or for us old school people Hymenocallis festalis middle is canna red futurity lastly is gloriosa superba..

papaver mrs perry seedpod, always remids me of Moe from the three stooges…

red baron grass a lovely spreading grass..

rhodohypoxis twinkle star nice but don’t let it have wet feet it will rot, and may need protection in winter..

Silybum is growing well, should flower this year…

Sisyrinchium Sapphire love the colour..

sisyrinchium striatum nice and popular with the bee’s..

Spiraea Japonica, it was a cutting from goldflame but has reverted back to japonica, still nice though…

Stipa Gigantea looking worse for wear after all the high winds we had, lost 4 spikes and had to stake the rest..

Strawberries by my back door, i normally don’t get the chance to have them due to my girls having them first….

first of my water lilies to flower…

closer of the flower, a complex and delicate object, but a thing of beauty..

yellow snap dragon which amazingly over wintered which i thought was impossible..

scaboius and a nice white thrift…

verbena bonariensis starting to flower..

one of my white campanula’s.

Tired Bee just having a rest then happily continued on it’s way..

A new plant for next year i hope should be flowering next year, oenothera versicolor ‘sunset boulevard’..

Another for next year , geranium yoshinoi a nice dwarf type geranium..

and so to finish… can you beleave it the first yellow leaf on my silver birch… is it Autumn already… i must have blinked and missed summer..

that’s about it for now so hope your all well and enjoying your gardens and thanks for looking.

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Great blog SL, enjoyed looking at your photos. Good to see your first seed raised semp starting to flower. I sowed some semp seed a couple of weeks ago and lots have germinated. Can't wait for them to get their first proper leaves and I can see what I've got!:)

29 Jun, 2013


Wow, what a great selection of plants you have SL. I love the Eucomis flowers, and the peony especially, but a great blog.

29 Jun, 2013


Thanks Louisa, I look forward to seeing the pics of yours when you do it.

Thanks Cinders, your very kind.

29 Jun, 2013


I loved the eucomis too, and the orchid especially but they are all lovely.

29 Jun, 2013


Great blog Sl. Love it all. ;o)

29 Jun, 2013


So many special plants SL - glad to hear that most of them are doing well for you this year.
Your garden is still a few weeks ahead of mine.
Sarah is my favourite peony too!

29 Jun, 2013


Wow, really enjoyed this blog and pics!
Trying to pick my favourites...think it must be the blue of the delphinums, Eucomis Bicolor flower, Deutzia x hybrida ‘Strawberry Fields’ as I bought one today, dragonfly, heath spotted orchid, Silybum, water lily and bee having a rest! Thanks for posting all the pics SL, I enjoyed this more than Saturday night telly!

29 Jun, 2013


Lovely plants Slad. Sad to say I seem to have lost my Epipactis Gigantea....I loved that plant. :(

29 Jun, 2013


Goodness, SL, where to start? You've so much of interest in your garden. I do love the markings on the eucomis and would love that deutzia if I had room for another shrub. The sysirinchiams are lovely too, especially the blue; wonderful colour - I have the pale yellow. Love the waterlilies too. Hope you get your issues sorted out so that you can enjoy your gardening.

29 Jun, 2013


You've got such a variety of plants. I love the Eucomis. I haven't grown one for years.
Good luck with your seedlings :o)

30 Jun, 2013


Really good selection with some unusual ones for good measure.

30 Jun, 2013


Many thanks everyone I do appreciate your comments, thanks again, Karen when my Epipactis Gigantea has grown a bit more i will split you a bit off of it.

Thanks Tuesdaybear they are not serious issues but lots of annoying small ones but we will prevail.. Fingers crossed :-)

Thanks Sarahm the Duetzia is a great choice :-)

Sheila let me know if there's anything you want and I'll try to get some to you.

Thanks again everyone.

30 Jun, 2013


You have so many beautiful flowers Slad. I am surprised that your season of peonies is still ongoing. I love SB, too. The photo of a bee at break is funny. But. Even bees are tired sometimes.

30 Jun, 2013


Thanks Kat, yes my peonies started late this year :-)

30 Jun, 2013


My peony is late too, it still has several buds yet to break. I am wondering if my water lily is going to flower at all this year. I pruned its roots in the Spring because it was swamping the pond and it seems to have gone sulky on me. Yours looks superb.

1 Jul, 2013


Lovely blog and pics:)

1 Jul, 2013


Thanks xela, the water lily should flower next year, they are very temperamentle and will need a year to settle, I have to do mine next year...

1 Jul, 2013


Thanks nana d

1 Jul, 2013

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