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mid August...


A few things still going on in the garden here, there is more but that’s for another time..

Lavatera Barnsley Babe, still going strong and is a good filler shrub..

cosmos atrosanguineus a lovely little plant..

echinacea purpurea i love the center cone on these..

Helenium puberulum ‘Autumn Lollipop’ or just Lollipop to me, nice at the back of the border…

red hot poker is still going well…

Equisetum fluvitale, or common name is banded horsetail which is in my pond..

Another good doer of a plant is this, echinops ritro..

the red stems on the bottom of Euphorbia Goldfoam..

Love the red that shows through the leaves on this..

verbena bonariensis, this has been going for ages, loved by bees and butterflies..

Thought i was being watched today….

One of my fav grasses, a closeup of Briza Maxima…

Not a very good pic these two, but Millie contented…

Picture of contentment….

Clouds at lunchtime…

Mid afternoon clouds got a bit darker…

Early evening a pink tint to them…

And our sunset here tonight…

And to wrap it up like my silver birch trees…. They say its all over…..

Anyway thanks for looking hope you all have a great day..

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your garden looks to be going well...
loved all the differant colours of blooms and leaves/some beautiful coloured stems there too..

the early morning pink tint is such a sweet capture :)
afternoon cloud quite calming and sunset beautiful..

Briza Maxima is a stunner of a grass..
little toad/frog capture is adorable great caption :):):)

silver beach looks very healthy and ive always loved the red stems of the Euphorbia Goldfoam(as you say its name is) i dont know that if those are the stems ive loved but sure look like it...
Helenium puberulum ‘Autumn Lollipop’ ROCKS.

YOUR CAPTURES ARE VERY GOOD! makes a wonderful blog to see so much plant variety and the close of my evening..

from jane :j)

18 Aug, 2013


Excellent photography. Rich colours.

19 Aug, 2013


Thank you Jane, very kind of you to say so, again thanks :-))

Thanks Diane :-)

19 Aug, 2013


Fantastic, Slad, I am so envy, as this year my garden was lightly like Greek coast in the midsummer - nothing bloomed too much only lemons, figs and olive tree. I hope the end of the summer will be more rainy and I could also show something from my plants. That Lavatera is wonderful, I love white tall flowers so much. If you have seeds from that, please, remember me on Christmas :-) Those colours of echinops and red hot poker they make really amazing orchestra of colours.
And Millie is smiling, isn´t she :-))

19 Aug, 2013


Great photos Surreylad. I like that Equisetum. I'll have to get a pond so that I can grow one.
Nice to see so many things giving you some late summer colour.
Millie looks very contented :o)) I'm pleased to see she's enjoying her life !

19 Aug, 2013


Thanks Kat, I shall look out for the seed for you and yes Millie does smile like that, she has a very expression able face at times....

Thanks Hywel, I love ponds as they bring in so much more wildlife even birds come by for a bath or drink, plus the didn't types of plants is good too. Millie has settled in well now thanks. :-)

20 Aug, 2013


I've yet to read a blog of your's that doesn't have me gasping at some new plant/s that knocks me for six, Surrey!

20 Aug, 2013


Cheers Mouldy your too kind mate.i Appreciate it..

20 Aug, 2013


Love that Lavatera ... and the Briza Maxima is beautiful ... :o)

21 Aug, 2013


Thanks Shirley :-)

21 Aug, 2013


You always have interesting plants in your blogs, Warwick and I love seeing Millie so relaxed and happy to be part of your family. I can't thank you enough for the 'Bunny Tails' seeds you sent me. I have the grass planted up with a red geranium, some Creeping Jenny and - erm, I've forgotten!! It looks great tho' (I think) and, as I still haven't mastered the art of uploading pics onto GOY, I'll have to try the old-fashioned method in order to send you a photo.

22 Aug, 2013


Thanks Tuesdaybear, your welcome and if you see anything else I can always send you more seed. Sounds nice planted with the geranium and creeping Jenny. :-)

22 Aug, 2013

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