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just a few more pics of plants and grass, also some seed heads.

this is zantedeschia flame, it turns to an orange tinge as it ages, not a bad plant from poundland..

i love this white oriental lily, the scent is the same as the stargazer one..

some orange glads free with an order last year, nice bit of late summer height..

like a bee party on these, such a good bee plant..

Echinops ritro also with another bee.

Datura wrightii is in bud, i do look forward to this..

seed head from the Carex comans ‘bronco’.

love the marbling on the Silybum.

seed from the Silybum, drying out nicely.

quite like this annual grass, setaria macrostachya ‘Will Scarlet’.

well i think that’s it for now, thanks for looking..

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Lovely photo's, and plants of course! The bees certainly do love the Echinops. I have a huge plant of that and it is covered with bees. With that and the lavenders, the Hollyhocks and some insipid Monarda, they are going frantic, but lovely to see them all.
Love the cheap plants too! Just bought two pink Wisteria, two purple passion flowers and a clematis from QD (cheap shop) for £1.99p each. I know they take longer and you have to buy them quick before the staff kill them off with over-watering - or none! These were saturated, so probably by next week the roots would have rotted.

7 Aug, 2013


Hi Warwick .. Super pics :o)))

7 Aug, 2013


Beautiful photos! Some of my bargain buys from Poundland, QD (before it closed here) and Asda have proven very hardy and given me lots of bang for my buck.

7 Aug, 2013 that echinops!

7 Aug, 2013


Some nice plants you've got there. I like that last grass. It's pretty :o)
I'm pleased to see some bees in your garden. We've had lots of bumbles here.

7 Aug, 2013


Great pics SL - that's a beautiful white lily, it looks massive!

7 Aug, 2013


some lovely photos there Slad , I spend far to long Bee watching on my Echinops they do love it don't they ? I love the foliage and silly name of the Silybum mine have seeded and are popping up all over the place ....

7 Aug, 2013


Lovely plants Warwick, love the colour of the gladioli and the lily is beautiful. Loads of bees on my Echinops too.

7 Aug, 2013


The white lily is amazing.

8 Aug, 2013


Everyrhing is looking at it's best just now,S.lad..nice time of year..My Echinops are better than ever this year too..I love the seed head of the Silybum..lovely photo's :o)

8 Aug, 2013


Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments :-)

Honeysuckle, hope your plants grow well for you, I quite like to buy the cheap shop plants but its a pick carefully here.

Scottish the white lily is not very tall only about two and a half foot tall but the blooms are huge :-)

Your right Amy the bees they do really love the echinops, the Silybum. Always makes my two girls smile when I talk about it, glass yours are doing well.

Bloomer now I think about it my echinops are better this year, must be the right weather for them..

Jan, seeds were posted tonight so with any luck you should get them Sat / Mon..

8 Aug, 2013


Right, that's me, I've had my inspirational fix for today.
Thanks Surrey! ;-)

9 Aug, 2013


Thank you Warwick, I'm looking forward to receiving them.

9 Aug, 2013


Cheers Mouldy :-))

Your welcome Jan.

9 Aug, 2013


those photos are amazing :) they show each plant to its full beauty... shows you know your plants designs real well.. that in its self is a art... plus knowledge of the plants what a happy mined you must have..

lovely blog indeedy i enjoyed very much..

pleased i came for a look..

from jane...

11 Aug, 2013


Thanks Jane, very nice of you to say :-)

11 Aug, 2013


Lovely blog, S'lad --- the pic of the Silybum seed makes me think of a fibre optic light! Hmm ... just me then!

21 Aug, 2013


Lol thanks Shirley,

21 Aug, 2013


You're my Guru, Surrey!
Didn't you notice?'
Every blog of your''s, since I 1st registerered with Goy, has gone straight to my faves, pal.
An endless source of info...plant, conditions, care, etc and a generousity of nature. What's not to like & admire? Lol.
Sorry, pal, you're my hero.
How's it feel? Difficult, innit? ;-)
Live with's you being you.
My wee eat mum used to say- if you don't know about a subject, keep your your mouth closed & your ears open!
Me, being what I am, had a thousand million questions.
You've never shown the slightest impatience & have always been willing to share your vast knowledge of plants to the benefit of the seekers of knowledge of 'gardener lore'.
Goy is lucky to have you as a member, pal, that's the truth of theter mat

21 Aug, 2013


Thanks Mouldy, your too kind mate, and I appreciate it a lot.

22 Aug, 2013


You're very welcome, Surrey.
Just reporting the facts, sir.

23 Aug, 2013

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