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still going strong.


Some things in the garden that are still going strong…

One mixed up bulb, scadoxus multiflorus…

closer of the flower…

Lychnis coronaria still has a few flowers left…

Oxalis Deppei, also called iron cross or lucky clover..

melica altissima ‘atropurpurea’ so hard to catch a decent pic of it…

Lonicera Belgica, my fav honeysuckle…

Red Crocosmia still flowering well here…

commelina dianthifolia still throwing up flower spikes…

Yellow Dahlia is still nice..

and as it’s me i have to put at least a couple of grass pics on… Setaria Macrostachya ‘WILL SCARLET

Love this grass so i put another pic on :-)

A nice little grass to have Carex brunnea ‘Jenneke’..

Even when the flowers go over the Achillea is still quite nice…

The seed pod of the Datura in this state looks just like a
sea anemone

Lily pads as seen by the water skaters and frogs…

And my little watch frogger making sure i do things right..

that’s about it for now, thanks for looking,..

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Isn't it great that the summer just seems to be going on for so long SL - mind you a bit chilly up here today but still able to get out into the garden.
I like that honeysuckle - it's very eye catching

1 Sep, 2013


Thanks Scottish, yes i love it this year, been mild here but very muggy.

1 Sep, 2013


Your scadoxus is very striking SL and I love your photo of the sun shining through the lily leaves. Like the grasses too, they put on such a good show through autumn and winter.

1 Sep, 2013


You've got such unusual plants. They're fascinating :o)
And I love your grasses too ...
Summer isn't over yet lol

1 Sep, 2013


Lovely selection there S/L. I like your grasses too.

1 Sep, 2013


hi... fantastic blog... love the shot captioned Lily pads as seen by the water skaters and frogsā€¦ think thats just perfect because thats how the view would be...

grasses are awesome plant.. were would life be without grass :) we carpet our houses and the earths carpet is its grass... :)

tha close ups are informative and give good evidence of new life to come...
thats true about the sea anemone looking like a seed pod of the Datura or is that other way around ;) anyhow its beautiful which ever way so thanking you for your insight on that...

iam waffling again..
from jane..

The sea anemones

A night illuminated by Albireo's tears
Sinking in the breathing sea
On a lonesome crag
The anemones are swayed to and forth
Ah how deep
How wilent the transparent light
The anemones starting to flower again
Brighter than on land
Float in my sea
A piano fantasia
As if in a dream
Kae Morii...

1 Sep, 2013


They're all beautiful - that scadoxus looks as if its trying to be a firework! What a splendid frog.

1 Sep, 2013


You really have some wonderful plants,S.lad..and some I've never heard thank you..I love the first very unusual..carry on clicking away with your camera :o)

1 Sep, 2013


That Scadoxus is a serious piece of horticulture mate!
There's no other way I can describe it.
Another great blog!

2 Sep, 2013


Brilliant photos SL.
I like Freddy the Frog in the last one!

2 Sep, 2013


Thanks everyone, I appreciate all the comments :-)

Thanks again :-)

2 Sep, 2013


I love the Scadoxus Slad it's a gorgeous colour , they will go on my list I shall be having a closer look at them , it's lovely to see so many lovely pics. and plants/ flowers still blooming :o)

2 Sep, 2013


Wow I really like the scadoxus and your grasses but the forg pic has to be my fav, I love the frogs sunbathing amongst the lilypads, they do that here, I always have a little chat to them, lol, smashing photo's S'lad, its a weebit breezy here today but gorgeous in the sunshine, long may it continue.....

2 Sep, 2013


Thanks Amy, they are nice bulbs to have :-)

Thanks Lincslass, I'm always chatting to them in the pond, been nice and hot here today, not to breezy either :-)

2 Sep, 2013


A wonderful blog, so many lovely plants and photos, hope you don`t mind I have copied the lily pad and froggy pics to put in my favourite pictures file.

3 Sep, 2013


Do you know what Slad I did buy one last year I've Just found the label goodness knows what happened to it , it must have died in a pot :o(

3 Sep, 2013


There's a lovely timelapse video of scadoxus flowering on YouTube (two minute video but flower is fully open around halfway through)

4 Sep, 2013


Thanks stroller, I don't mind :-)

They are frost tender Amy so maybe they got a bit to cold.

Cheers urbanite I shall have a look later today.

6 Sep, 2013

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