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last autumn push


Yesterday during and after the rain I took a few picks as I’ve been off the last three days with my eldest being I’ll.

This is achillea summer berries, quite a nice doer..

A nice annual blue lobelia quite nice I though.

My sunflowers are still going well, this is earth walker, hard to photo as it’s been windy here..

And just had to put this in helenium pubescent ’lollipop ’

I have these scattered around the garden rambling and climbing through plants, lovely ipomeas

An easy first year flowering bulb from seed. Bulbine caulescens..

eryngium planum a nice filler and the bees love it..

These from seed have taken 2 years to flower but I’m very pleased with the results, it’s in bud here… Carpensis Plumbaga..

Flowers open..

A little closer, I do like these…

A nice purple gladiolia I found while digging my allotment plot.

A raindrop campanula…

Oxalis deppie looks nice with the raindrops…

The start of a new Stipa Tenuissima boundary from seed another easy grass to grow.

This is the seed head of Carex conman ‘bronco’..

Sunset boulevard evening primrose…

Always a welcome sight white cyclamen hederifolium ..

The next new batch of briza maxima..

This is Carex amazon mist a nice lighter green, but a bit tender so may need a sheltered spot..

This is carex brunnea variegata, quite a nice grass..

The front grass is briza media, with a new seedling of carex buchananii red rooster with a small young festuca glauca elijah..

Young new lagurus ovatus annual filler..

Older wet lagurus ovatus…. Shows it was raining…

Stipa arundinacea slowly getting its Autumn colour..

And as Autumn is showing its hand now to finish a nice honey suckle berry cluster…

Thanks for looking, and sorry I’ve not been on to much lately but what with being busy and sick kids it’s been a handfuls here, still all the best .

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Nice to see you back SL, and what a lot still going on in your garden:)
Hope your kids are all well again.

20 Sep, 2013


Hi Warwick .. Pretty pics ..
Get well soon everyone !

20 Sep, 2013


I hope the girls aren't too sick SL bet they are keeping you one your toes :)
Very pretty grasses and that Carpensis plumbaga is just delightful! It's a lovely colour. Good to see you back :)
Speaking of grasses, you don't happen to know if Pennisetum summer samba is hardy. I've found conflicting advice online. Good sized pots on sale at local GC for half price.

20 Sep, 2013


Great photos. You've got such a lot of interest there :o)
Sorry to hear your children are not well. Such a worry isn't it ...

20 Sep, 2013


Great photos SL ...That Caroensis is spectacular!

20 Sep, 2013


Thanks everyone, the kids have just had a bad chest colds and swollen glads in their throats, they are mostly over it now thanks.

Hi Scottish thanks. The pennisetum you have I would treat as a half hardy, like most Pens they are categorised as hardy h3 / h4 but what they don't tell you is they don't like the cold wet so if I was you I'd put it under cover late Autumn /start of winter. But a lovely worth while grass to get especially if at half price ;-)

Thanks again everyone :-)

20 Sep, 2013


Hi Surreylad glad to hear the kids are getting better.Love the pictures especially of the carpensis such a lovely colour:))))

21 Sep, 2013


Very nice, Slad. Carpensis and its aquamarine colour is a real jewel among your plants. How high is it? I like all your photos, also Achillea summer beries attracts me, that is very warm and extraordinary colour.

21 Sep, 2013


Thanks Mark :-)

Thanks Kat, the carpensis at the moment is only two feet tall but I can grow up to about 4 metres tall but you can prune to size you want. The achillea is a great filler and flowers right up to the frosts :-)

21 Sep, 2013


Thanks SL - I don't think I'll bother then. I fell for it year before last with another red grass and it didn't come through even though it was inside a greenhouse.
They were reduced to £7.99, still expensive for something that might die!!
Are these kind of grasses easy from seed and are they sown in spring. Sorry for all the questions.

21 Sep, 2013


That's ok Scottish I don't mind, yes the pens don't like to freeze, I put mine in a box in the shed over winter and don't think about them again till at least late march they are quite easy from seed yes, and yes again for the spring sowing :-)

22 Sep, 2013


Thanks SL - I'll source some fancy seed in spring and see what I can produce :)

22 Sep, 2013


That's good news about the Bulbine SL as I've just sown B.narcissiflora.

Where do you go for seeds for something like this? I use Scampton Succulents a lot with great success...................

Great source for reliable Lachenalia seed!

22 Sep, 2013


That's a nice one to B.narcissiflora, I use plant world seeds quite a lot, loads of success there and like you scampton. I did use a South African company one but they went under last year. Can't remember their name now..

22 Sep, 2013

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