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I have been tending to this garden for nearly 2 years now, 18 months of that as a sub-contractor. I have seen many changes already in that two year period and I find that it is more noticeable when you look at past photos and compare side by side…. So here is the Cut Flower garden !

August 2009

The problem with the cut flower garden is that the owner wants a steady flow of cut flowers for the house and noticably a lot of the plants in here were for July till late September. The previous gardener (and myself subcontracting) gave it a make over in the Winter.

First off a lot of plants and bulbs were moved to different areas of the garden. This was a major task, 14 beds approx 12ft by 4ft. Asters, dahlias, delphiniums, crocosmia, gladiolis, osteospurmems etc We then removed all of the soil out of the beds(clay) to a certain depth and then dug in organic matter. We then layed membrane down and covered with tree and shrub compost to act as a mulch and then soil improver if necessary. The excess soil was used to create a bank around some silver birches which I have since planted up this year (late) with bluebells and snowdrops. Not much hope for them this year sadly !

Spring 2010!

So where are we at now, Summer 2010

Still lacking slightly for the early part of this year. The Peonies and Agapanthus were a bit of a let down but as it was their first year (bare root) we live in hope of this coming spring. Crinum powelli – total waste of time, very unsuccessful. But dahlias, sunflowers, crocosmia, gladioli were stunning. The decorative Akita,

So now, into November 2010 it is looking pretty bare. Crinum powelli to be removed, also need to add something for a little bit earlier in the year, have some mini plugs under fleece, antirhinnums and asters. Can’t wait till next year, any ideas about what else to plant,.. quite fancy the idea of Gerbera’s.

Thanks for your time,

TLG .×.

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what an immaculate garden ~ an awful lot of hard work and care.
what about iris, alstromaria, sweet peas, roses, phlox, lilies, alliums and carnations/pinks?
im not sure how well hellebores work as cut flowers?

24 Nov, 2010


Must have been daunting at first, but what rewards you got !

24 Nov, 2010


Well done!
How about Camassia maybe. They'll take a couple of years to bulk up, but are generally hardy enough. Nicotiana, although not generally recognised as a cut flower, do ok if they're on hand in the garden and have the advantage of fragrance. Tulips and Daffs for early cutting? A local hotel has trained and pruned (to produce a handful of flowers at the top) Nigella in their garden.

25 Nov, 2010


Hi there. Grandmage - It was daunting when i first arrived there... it still has it's moments (Wild flower garden blog to follow soon!) I am still very much a novice gardener learning (quickly) as i go along but the vastness of the garden brings with it complex issues that i am continuosly researching. Tree fern with canker, pests like rats, mice, moles, rabbits, originally from a town so never really had these issues to deal with.

Hi meanie, I have just planted 100 camassia (blue and white 50/50) in the wall garden. I did think about putting them in the cut flower garden but its too late now... they're in the ground ?!? Have also planted 200 irises in the waterfall area. We have some Nicotiana in the column garden and as for tulips and daffs... 2000 planted this year (mainly tulips), 4000 planted last year and lots more in the past. All tulipped out ! lol

Stickitoffee - not a big fan of alstromerias. Like the idea of carnations though have already been considering this. Already have 5 types of lilly in there, i do have about 20 phlox plants in the greenhouse that could possibly go in there...?

Thanks for your comments.


25 Nov, 2010


Ah well... I tried!
How about this for an Alstromeria?

In the short time that I've had it, it's spread to at least double it's size, and very different from the more usual Alstros'.

25 Nov, 2010


It is a lovely looking plant... does it have a very long season then ?

25 Nov, 2010


That I would not want to comment on! The bumpf said July to October - I got it in September with lots of dead heads on and it continued to flower right up to the first week of November. I can confirm that it clumps up very quickly though!

25 Nov, 2010


looks great, so much hard work, bed look immaculate... glad u are enjoying yourself..

21 Jun, 2011


Many thks. That was last years pics. Sunflowers taking their time this year and my dahlias have only just started popping up. Lily beetle rampant, forever spraying,.. peonies were great though this year.

21 Jun, 2011

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