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Crassulata ovata "Japonica"


Have decided to refresh this blog as i now have more pictures to add.

Originally November 19th, 2009

Does anyone have a Crassula (money tree) that is flowering at the moment.

Jades are evergreen plants with thick branches and smooth, rounded, fleshy leaves that grow in opposing pairs along the branches. Leaves are a rich jade green; some varieties may develop a red tinge on the edges of leaves when exposed to high levels of sunlight. New stem growth is the same color and texture as the leaves, but becomes brown and woody with age. Under the right conditions, they may produce small white or pink star like flowers in early spring.

My customer has had this one for 40 years and he tells me that it has never flowered in its entire history. Well low and behold, since moving it into the greenhouse late last year it is now we are being rewarded. The tree is covered in tiny buds at the moment which are slowly starting to show.We acquired a new one by chance about a month ago, which is already flowering, well 1 flower to be precise, but the potential is there to see.

I hope you like them, i will update the blog with fresh photos in a few weeks… hopefully it will look SPLENDID!

If anyone has advice on how best to prune it I would be very grateful. This one has a lot of growth but in the wrong places and if i damage the tree, i could be in serious trouble. Cement boots ;)

Have had a dig around (pardon the pun) in the photo album and found a picture of the Crassula in late April… It has grown a substantial amount !

16th February 2010

So, a little later than promised here are some up to date photos i took last week.

As you can see there is an abundance of flowers. Not sure if its as a result of the new plant acquired 2 months prior to November (friendly neighbour on the move). Are these monoecious or dioecious, or hermaphrodyte. I was under the impression the plant was self-pollinating, but maybe i am wrong.

Any advice from an expert would be gratefully appreciated. Seems to be growing out rather than up, but have to admit i am nervous about pruning it, even the purplish coloured growth that appears to be more limp than the fresh green looking leaves. However flowers still coming off of purple growth as well !!!

Let me know what you think. I know the greenhouse (heated) is helping a lot, but the plant still went down to about 4 degrees centigrade for a few days when we had the really bad weather. Maybe it needed this to help encourage flowering (Like stratification in seeds???) Still learning !!!

All the best TLG

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Wow... what a lot of flowers...
..fascinating blog... good photos..
thank you...:o)

16 Feb, 2010


Nice blog and photos...

16 Feb, 2010


That is lovely.I have never had so many flowers on mine.I have pruned it quite severely a couple of times,and even got my hubby to saw some of the trunks down.It has been repotted a few times,and as the root system soon fills the pot it has had 2or 3 " sawn off the bottom too,as its already in the
biggest manageable one for me to move.I know it sounds drastic,but it never fails to put on healthy new growth,despite this.This is probably the reason for not many flowers,although not really sure.but I still love it as a foliage plant anyway..It is in a conservatory all year,which is quite cold in winter,but I stand it outside when its warm,through the day in summer.
I have taken many cuttings over the years,which take very easily.I have one which is ready to replace my elderly one, , just in case it gets fed up of my ruthless pruning,and prefers to die !I do sound cruel don't I ?They are very tough,but when yours has finished flowering,I would
have a go at pruning it ,it won't kill it and you will get some nice new foliage,from the pruning points,but maybe not as many flowers for a while.....good luck....

16 Feb, 2010


Thanks Bloomer. Great minds think alike!!! Have already propagated a stem cutting which I'm pleased to say has rooted fantastically.

My client is extremely pleased with it after so many years of no flowers. Slightly scared that if i prune it (not yet) and then it doesnt reflower this year, I may end up encased in concrete holding up a bridge !!!Lol.x Still, i will give it a go anyway, ensuring that my life insurance is paid up to date before hand.

With regard to putting it outside in the Summer, it is a struggle to get it through the door of the greenhouse, not just because of the weight, but the spread as well. This is why I feel that it may benefit from a good prune. Do you know if they are hermaphrodite at all ? How does fertilisation/pollination occur ???

Many thanks


16 Feb, 2010


I had one years ago and it only flowered once after I left it out in very cold weather, so maybe you're right about the temps.

16 Feb, 2010


Glad i was of some help,TLG,I have visions of you holding up a bridge somewhere,Lol,sorry,it just made me smile!.I know what you mean about the weight,its a struggle for me too..feel like I'm ready for tossing the caber,when I lift it :o)) Sorry,I don't even know what Herm ..thingy is,will have to google it!
or you or someone could explain..I've led a sheltered for fertilisation /'pollination,I don't know that either :o(( So,not much help there then,but nice to chat anyway...I am sure one of the many experts on here will be able to help

Hywel,sorry to hear you lost yours,its so easy to forget to bring them indoors,when it comes cold......

16 Feb, 2010


I didn't say I lost it. I said the cold weather made it flower ... lol :o)

16 Feb, 2010


Sorry,Hywel, we have had some more of that white M---K today,it must have affected my eyes or (and) brain Lol...Its gone now,as the sun shone all afternoonYet another senior moment.!:o))

16 Feb, 2010


I once heard that senior moments were just a way of conserving your brain's energy. I often have them :o)

16 Feb, 2010


wow lovely flowers on this TLG, i have a baby one so guess it wont flower till im gone hahah

16 Feb, 2010


nice flowers!!!

unfortunately my lil' plant died after being attacked by some disease... each and every bit of the leaves shriveled and dried up. :(

19 Feb, 2010


Thats a shame ! If you lived a bit closer i could give you a cutting of mine !!!

19 Feb, 2010


i saw one of these at a nursery last week it was £60!

7 May, 2010

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