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Crassula ovata


Does anyone have a Crassula (money tree) that is flowering at the moment.

Jades are evergreen plants with thick branches and smooth, rounded, fleshy leaves that grow in opposing pairs along the branches. Leaves are a rich jade green; some varieties may develop a red tinge on the edges of leaves when exposed to high levels of sunlight. New stem growth is the same color and texture as the leaves, but becomes brown and woody with age. Under the right conditions, they may produce small white or pink star like flowers in early spring.

My customer has had this one for 40 years and he tells me that it has never flowered in its entire history. Well low and behold, since moving it into the greenhouse late last year it is now we are being rewarded. The tree is covered in tiny buds at the moment which are slowly starting to show.We acquired a new one by chance about a month ago, which is already flowering, well 1 flower to be precise, but the potential is there to see.

I hope you like them, i will update the blog with fresh photos in a few weeks… hopefully it will look SPLENDID!

If anyone has advice on how best to prune it I would be very grateful. This one has a lot of growth but in the wrong places and if i damage the tree, i could be in serious trouble. Cement boots ;)

Have had a dig around (pardon the pun) in the photo album and found a picture of the Crassula in late April… It has grown a substantial amount !

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I had one many years ago, and it had a few flowers occasionally. This one looks huge.

20 Nov, 2009


Its starting too flower again... 2nd year running after 40 years of nothing.!!

25 Nov, 2010


That's great :o) I hope it does it every year now !

25 Nov, 2010


Thanks Hywel, thought it might have been a 1 off !!!

25 Nov, 2010

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