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Hi Folk
Well I don’t know what happened I wrote a blog yesterday and somehow it didn’t get published and when I looked for it today it had disappeared into space, maybe gone up to the spacestation lol.

Well I didn’t do a lot being as the weather was very wet well at least later on it was, as I said the other half is away at the moment down to see her friends for a few days and me being the sporting sort decided to do some washing for her, well down I comes in the morning puts the washing in the machine then gets me breakfast and feeds the cats, and then the washing is I dutifully peg it out on the line, now there was no mention of rain in the forecast but somehow it was on its way and they didn’t tell me, two hours later it chucked it down and didn’t give me time to get the washing in, so it had to stay there, I don’t know where they get these forecasters from, they have all this expensive equipment to tell them what is going on up there and it don’t work or they don’t how to use it, remember a few years ago Michael Fish sai one part of the country was going to have brilliant sunshine and what did it do, the rain flooded them out so much for weather forecasts.

Not to be out done I managed to do some work in the glasshouse tying the tomatoes in they have now got buds on the first truss, and the sweet peppers have got buds on as well, I am growing the banana and apple shaped varieties, not sure what the tomatoes are going to be like being as they are seeds from some tomatoes that we bought from Tesco last year, the tomatoes were so delicous I decided to save the seed, don’t know if the were a hybrid variety but we shall see, they might come out the size of footballs now won’t that be fun.I had a quick look at the potatoes and they have got flowers as well so we shall be enjoying some new potatoes in a few weeks one variety is pink fir apple great for making potato salad not sure what the other one is.

In the afternoon I had to go out and get some shopping and popped into Aldi and they had fountain flower display for sale made out metal for £14-99 so I thought that would be nice present for my other half, so I bought one, I will build it up and put in the compost and gell and fertiliser and she can plant it up, give her something to do when she comes back as she tends to look after the flowers with me and I look after the veg although she has one of the boxes for growing lettuce radish spring onions in,


sorry I have put the same picture in twice, but not to worry I am still trying to get the hang of how the site works.

Well today I have been busy as I went out to my friends for a drawing class as I have for a long time wanted to draw and paint then I came back home had a snack and I was out in the garden doing a bit, I have planted some Huecharas in the garden borders in the veg garden and strange as it may seem the slug and snails don’t seem to like them so that is one plant in the garden that is safe, I have not seen many bees this year I need some to pollinate the beans when they come into flower. by the way the plant in the background is my angels fishing rod it is not doing very well this year,I have it said on here that it is a difficult plant to grow guess I will have to persevere with that one as I have fed and watered it so not quite where I am going wrong , I will have to re- read what other members have said about it, my this place is a good source of information..

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Hi Tony, you have been very busy. Sorry about your rainy washing day. I must say....I know exactly how you feel.
Glad to hear your toms have flower buds on already. Mine just went into the garden last week so they are still getting used to being flowers yet. My peppers have buds though. I'm growing the sweet red bell peppers "Burpee's Early Crisp".
I like your fountain flower planter. That will look lovely all planted up with some lovely flowers and trailing plants.
Welcome to GoY. :o)

22 May, 2009


Enjoyed your blog Tonyb158, perhaps you forgot to submit your other blog, it can happen easily....

22 May, 2009


I bought that same planter myself, it's all planted up by my front door with begonia's now, there's a pic on my "pics!" if you wanna have a look. What will go in your wife's do you think?

4 Jun, 2009

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