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It's been over a year.


Well as the title say’s it’s been over a year since I last put a blog into print. So here is a quick update for those that have read some of my previous ones.

Back in September 2011 we moved to a new house in a small village in the north of Hampshire. The reason for the move was a new job as a full time gardener on a 20 acre estate of which I concentrate on 3 acres of garden. It’s a full time job but I still have one day a week of to finish my degree in garden design, which is almost over.

My little boy is now 16 months old and he wants to come outside with me in the garden every time I go outside. I let him come out when it’s not too cold which has obviously been hard of late but now it looks like the weather is finally turning so he will be with me more and more outside.

This is Evan back in March enjoy the garden on a dry day.

This was on a colder day, in his new wellies.

I would like to encourage him as much as possible to be out in the garden, and hopefully steer him in a nice fun way to enjoy gardening and the garden with all it offers.

We are lucky that are garden has a beech hedge on one side with the village pond behind that. So we dont need a pond in our garden as we have all the benefits of the large village one, with all the wildlife and I must say a distinct lack of slugs.

He is not yet old enough to dig and help but today he has show a liking for sticking his fingers in pots of soil as well as talking to the little stone ornaments we have dotted around.
His mum bought him his own lawn mower to push around which he loves.

My dog Bramble keeps me company when I go to work as he comes with me everyday unless I’m using machinery.

My garden itself in a previous blog shows it as just lawn, but I have been here a year and is now starting to take shape. It has a small formal area with four clipped box beds that each have a fruit tree planted in the middle, which are in turn uder planted with tulips. (picture to follow when the tulips are out).
Some brick paths that are an ongoing project as and when I dig up, or come across more bricks. (I have dug up loads). One of these paths run down the middle of an avenue/tunnel of six climbing roses that will eventually go right over youre head.

Another brick path leads you to the fruit growing area, (strawberries going in very soon) which have raised beds made from old roof tiles. This is where the greenhouse is going. I need to convince the brother in law to come and help erect it.

There are four main beds in the lawn that are dissected by one rose arch and further along a swing seat. These all look a bit bleak at the moment as they are perennial beds but things are showing signs of life.

There is a weeping pear that has a tree seat around it and this area has been under planted with snowdrops, aconites, snakes head frittillaries and camassia. (along with the cow parsly it should look good later on.

One bed s going to be wildflowers, of which the first few handfulls of seed went down today. If this area works it should be red, white and blue.

I will upload some pictures as the garden wakes up but this one is of a path we put down last year with some reclaimed bricks.

There is a lot going on in my new garden and as I say I will up date regularly with some nice photos.
Thanks for reading.

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Love the brick path Dan and can't wait to see your future photos :0)

7 Apr, 2013


That brick path is fabulous!
Evan looks as if he is thoroughly enjoying the garden.

7 Apr, 2013


What an interesting project, looking great, how do you find enough hours in the day to achieve so much.

7 Apr, 2013


Lovely blog sounds like you have a great job and a very handsome little boy life looks good :-)

7 Apr, 2013


my hasent he grown....Evan looks happy in his wellies and such a chip of the old
look forward to the pics of what u have been up to in the garden..:-)

7 Apr, 2013


What a grand little chap Evan is! I do envy people with an eye for garden design - looking forward to seeing how yours develops.

7 Apr, 2013


You have worked so hard in your new garden,it sounds great..all achievable with your handsome little helper..don't they just love to be in the thick of it with you ? I love the sound of your layout,and the brick path looks great..good luck with your plans over the coming months..some good weather would help a lot.:o)

8 Apr, 2013


Start them young, thats the secret!
Bloomers little helper seems to love being busy outside. :0)

8 Apr, 2013


Like your path,but watch Evan when he goes on it, he could get his little feet between the bricks and fall, just a thought as i looked at the path, no offence.

11 Apr, 2013


Sorry to confuse people the bricks were just laid in position last year before laying properly. They are in fact at grass level. As soon as its nice and sunny I will pop outside and take a picture of the reclaimed brick paths I have put down.

12 Apr, 2013


Pleased to see your updates, love your little helper.

24 Apr, 2013

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