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CDs to deter the pigeons - which would you choose?!


Here is our veg’ patch.

In it we are growing potatoes, runner beans, brassicas, lettuces, rhubarb, sweet peas and dahlias.

Last year pigeons ate nearly every single one of my sweet peas.

This year we have a strategy to deter them!

We dangle old CDs and wind chimes and garden decorations to try to keep them away!

The chosen CDs for this purpose include Cliff Richard singing carols and a terrible CD by Robbie Williams where every track is tuneless and noisy and unknown!

Whose CD would you dangle to deter the pigeons in your garden?!!!
At least the pigeons are spared actually having to listen to them!!!
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Cliff Richards Mistletoe and Wine. I absolutely detest this song and yet in the last 3 or 4 years I find that I hum it even in June!

Also anything Jazz.

15 Jun, 2017


I've got one CD of 'Celtic' music. It's awful :( It was supposed to be relaxing, but it's dreadful lol ... so I would use that.
I haven't got any others that I don't like.

I'm glad to say I don't see pigeons in my garden, although they are in the hedgerows out the back. I hope the CDs do deter them away for you Wildrose.

15 Jun, 2017


I would fight pigeon with Lieutenant Pigeon lol it would have to be my home City group hit Mouldy old Dough even though I like the tune cd

Morcombe and Wise would of chosen Des O Conner lol

I was sitting in my kitchen the other day listening to Robby Williams at the Richo Areana by where I live Wild Rose lol

15 Jun, 2017


I have used this method in the past WR, and it worked. I used all my old CD's not listened to for years and also scratched and worn DVD's
Which would I choose now?...don't tell but any of my 'pirate' pop CD's fro the 80's dreadful really all dreadful recordings

Now can I highjack your blog and ask if anyone has any idea how to stop Wood Pigeons when they don't want to discourage other birds? Apart from a air rifle that is.

15 Jun, 2017


Owls with the moving heads make sure you get two and move them about your garden.

15 Jun, 2017


Won't that scare the other birds 3d?

16 Jun, 2017


No as Owls attact pigeons , since I ve put mine out the only birds its deterred is the pigeons, I still get the black birds and others coming into my garden.

16 Jun, 2017


slipknot and five fingered death punch. both daughters love them and I think they are terrible. just noise and dubious language.

your veg look good.

16 Jun, 2017


I wouldn't use any of mine, I'd use hubby's, The Byrd's being the first one to go out, then anything by the Beatles, cannot for the life of me understand how I liked them, Rolling Stones and I'd chuck out most of the ones that are compilations...

16 Jun, 2017


A cd by the group Focus ...the songs title. "Hocus Pocus" It's on the web . I dare anyone to listen to it. If you don't like your neighbors turn it up and play it Sunday morning

16 Jun, 2017


I think Gracie Fields singing Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye - just before you shoot them!

16 Jun, 2017


This is SO funny!

I can sense the need in so many of you to escape from some dreadful music acquired over the years!

Ginellie, perhaps a step too far......or maybe not!!!

17 Jun, 2017


It has to be 'The Birdie Song' by The Tweets ... voted the most annoying song of the 80's ... I hate it!

17 Jun, 2017


Oh yes, Shirley! I'd completely forgotten about that one. Now since reading your comment it's going round and round in my head!

Can I also add Police's D' Do do do, D' dah, dah dah. totally stupid!

17 Jun, 2017


That's the trouble isn't it? Awful song but becomes an 'ear-worm' before you know it!

Hmm, never understood that song by Police ... :o(

17 Jun, 2017


Apparently, to get rid of an ear-worm you need to sing 'Happy Birthday'...funnily enough, it works! Don't ask me how!

18 Jun, 2017


Right, I shall do that next time an annoying song won't leave my head!

18 Jun, 2017


If it doesn't work, don't blame me will you!

19 Jun, 2017



20 Jun, 2017


What do you do if 'Happy Birthday' IS your annoying song?!
Just a thought!!! I think the heat has got to me!

21 Jun, 2017


Oh dear. Perhaps like me it's a case of too many birthdays, lol!! Sorry!!!

21 Jun, 2017


Oh yes I'd also use that daft Birdie song and anything by those stupid twins The Cheeky Girls, also Do Not Like Sting at all so he's one for stringing up...

22 Jun, 2017


Lol! I'm with you there Lincslass!

23 Jun, 2017

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