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How about good things that happened this season?


My nicest surprise was a single Iris reticulata at the front of a border. I had completely forgotten planting it and suddenly there it was, smiling up at me! Isn’t it nice when you discover something has put a big smile on your face?

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It is a lovely surprise indeed, Sue! It definitely is one of those things that cheer us up and agree..make us smile. Especially this weekend..

1 Nov, 2020


Plants that grew from a packet of 'pot-luck' seeds: some beautiful primula florindae. Also pink and a red bog primulas that popped up in dry borders, obviously germinated in spent seed compost that I had discarded prematurely.

2 Nov, 2020


Ah the joy of the garden yorklass, it’s just a great feeling when something happens like that, I have that feeling every year in the Autumn when I see the coloured stems of my number one plant Cronus midwinter fire, at the moment the leaves are a lovely honey colour and are beginning to drop , they have put much growth on since hard pruning them in February and I can hardly contain myself for the joy they bring to me.

3 Nov, 2020


At the end of July I found a tomato seedling in a pot as I removed a plant that was finished. I decided to leave it & see what it would do. Now I am eating the toms( about 4 lbs) which are ripening in a brown paper bag with some apples. They are quite tasty. The seed obviously came from my compost bin. So a surprise crop.

4 Nov, 2020


Its good to remember the nice things that have happened in this rather difficult year!
Anget I hope your surprise primulas grow well for you.

Julien, that's lovely. It made me feel joyful too just imagining your pleasure!I have a small Kojo no mai whose leaves turn russet, and my blueberry's leaves are fabulous scarlet - both welcome as the trees round here can manage nothing but sad brown...

Feverfew, that just shows us not to be hasty in uprooting things! That's an amazing crop under the circumstances!

4 Nov, 2020


Its an amazing year for our gardens, I go down every day as so many flowers are out of season, its providing lots of colour which we sure need at the moment.
My really pleasing surprise, of which I only noticed a few days ago are berries on a holly bush, now to some that won't be exciting but it is to me, said bush just appeared a few years back, must be a gift from the birds, I tried digging it out but its rooted underneath the fence so wasn't successful, now I'm delighted and instead of trying to get it out I have to care for it properly and give it a better shape...

5 Nov, 2020


That is nice surprise. And lucky you that it was a female seedling too!

5 Nov, 2020


That was a lovely surprise for you Sue :)

5 Nov, 2020


I haphazardly pulled a random plant from the discount table at the garden center. It was half dead. It was THE plant I've always wanted but could never find. It found me!

6 Nov, 2020


I don't know how I missed this Stera but I did so apologies. I love the small iris in fact any size of iris.

My particular bit of garden joy was that my 5 liriope all flowered for the first time after several years just getting bigger and bigger.
Spotty dotty also flowered though the flowers are difficult to see.

I agree with Julien, my dogwood is now in full red mode and when we do get late afternoon sun it looks lovely.

I regularly get toms germinating in places where I have spread compost. Hubby regularly throws un-useable toms into the garden bins so the seeds are in there.

I agree with Stera, a lucky female holly for you Lincs, all but one of mine is female and you have to wait quite a while to find out what it is.

I wonder what plant it was found you Paul, do let us know.

7 Jan, 2021


Turtle heads Hot Lips, a gorgeous late summer bloomer

7 Jan, 2021


Yes you have been after that for a while. I have C oblique which has the plain green leaves but it is a brilliant plant.

7 Jan, 2021


It was rather sad looking when I bought it but not beyond saving. This will be its season to shine

7 Jan, 2021


I love getting plants from 'casualty corner' in the gc and nursing them back to glory. I have Hydrangea Annabelle that was a 'twig' and cost 50p. it is a beautiful shrub now.

7 Jan, 2021

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