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A happy day


By Aleyna


Two weeks ago I planted a hibiscus, which split in two. I planted the end and the remaining stem, without the branches, of which I made seedlings for my housekeeper.

The stem has begun to show budding.

And also a jade-plant – crassula ovata – which was in a pot in my balcony and infested with cochineal. Since São Chico is very cold, I had hoped the cold would eliminate the bugs. when I planted it, the leaves were twisted and the trunks bent as if withering.
I was only able to go to São Chico this week, and I was surprised by the result. The jade plant has recovered, the new leaves have come with all vigor and the stems are upright and well resilient.

Before starting the construction of the house, I found some “tremoceiros” – they belong to the Lupine family – I was apprehensive about the possibility of losing everyone with the passage of trucks, stacking of bricks, gravel, sand, tiles, etc.
But to my joy some were saved.

I’ve surrounded with stakes and yellow and black ribbon to prevent the gardener from destroying the plants. Next week I’m going to move them to another place, because they’re right on the way of the car.

Wish me luck.

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sending luck for the transplanting. plants are remarkable survivors. well done on saving the hibiscus too.

2 Nov, 2018


Lots of hard work in store there - sending best vibes that everything will survive and do well for you.

2 Nov, 2018


Wonderful your Hibiscus has taken and good luck with your transplanting from me too.

3 Nov, 2018


Well you certainly seem to be getting to terms with your new home and garden. What happened to all the plants on your balcony?

4 Nov, 2018


Three successes. That's wonderful !

4 Nov, 2018


Glad to hear some of your plants are doing well!

I'm very glad for you that your “tremoceiros” have survived! It's also amazing how your 'Jade Plant' has recovered now that it has been planted outside! I hope it continues to grow strongly for you.

When you say you "made seedlings for my housekeeper" don't you mean to say "cuttings"?

8 Nov, 2018


Thank you everyone for the vibes and good luck wishes

Thrupennybit top of the hibiscus will bloom the next days, two flowers at least.

Eirlys there still a lot of plants in my balcony that need to be moved. Hubby already wired the team to build the fences that will be a nice improvement to plan the garden.

Balcony it probably right to say cuttings, sorry for my bad English. I'll take notes for the next comments :o)

8 Nov, 2018


I didn't really mean to correct you, Aleyna, but the difference between seedlings & cuttings is that 'seedlings' are the tiny plants that come from seed we sow but 'cuttings' are pieces of plant, normally stems, that we cut off a growing plant to make a new one that is identical to the mother plant. Seedlings can vary.

I understand a language that isn't your own can seem daunting as I still make many mistakes in Spanish & my wife often laughs at them! She could write a book with my mistakes in Spanish!

12 Nov, 2018


Dear friend balcony,
please you and everybody else are free to correct me anytime. I learn when someone helps me with my language mistakes.

14 Nov, 2018


Aleyna, you can use my real name, David, when you want to instead of Balcony which is my avatar or screen name on GoY.

Using an avatar name let's you chose a name that nobody else uses & therefore it's unique to you. There may be others on GoY called David & this can become confusing but with a name you choose to identify yourself it's very unlikely that anyone else with have the same name as you.

20 Nov, 2018

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