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Almost Ready


By Aleyna


Yesterday, 08/21/2018, the builder handed us the house. We’re 80% ready. Next week will start the placement of the glasses and the external paint. Now with the land around the house clean, without the remains of materials, it is time to start the garden project.

This is a view of the house from the back yard. The photo was taken from the corner of the land, on the border with the land next to it. For now I have no immediate neighbors on either side, only in the front.

This photo was taken from the edge of the garage, and shows the backyard, are 30 square meters, 15 wide by 15 long. In the left corner I have a small private forest that includes two Bragatingas, two Dicksonia sellowiana and many Tibouchina Granulosas, of different sizes, that already are flowering. Several seedlings of Rose-Leaf bramble – Rubus Rosifoliu.

This photo was taken from the front balcony. This area is somewhat smaller 15m wide by 12m long. For now it’s only native grass and a hydrangea. You can see the projection of the shadow of the house.
With the help of a software, I have projected the shade throughout the year. Also tested the resistance of some plants to the winter weather. Laurel has weathered well and has several new shoots. Tangerine and tibouchina mutabilis as well. Infortunately Cestrum Noturnum and Poinsetia did not resist the cold and dried up.

Dear GOY friends, feel free to make suggestions for my garden and vegetable garden. All are welcome.

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Exciting, Aleyna. I am sure you will get lots of advice from the gardeners here who will undoubtedly enjoy watching your "bare canvas" come to life.

All happiness in your new home.

22 Aug, 2018


Thank you Eirlys.

22 Aug, 2018


wow what an exciting project.
Are you in Brazil? what is the typical rainfall, temperatures through the seasons where you are, as this will affect how well your chosen plants will do.
do you have any 'national' gardens/arboretums locally that you can visit to get ideas of what does well.

22 Aug, 2018


It looks like an exciting project! Congratulations on your new home. You're fortunate to have established trees around you but your 'backyard' looks very dry and shady. Shade can be a blessing but also a problem! What are you hoping to achieve in this space?
I wish I knew more about your local flora!

22 Aug, 2018


What a great peace of land it looks wonderful and the house best wishes in you new home hope it brings you joy.

23 Aug, 2018


You have got your new house at long last, Aleyna! Congratulations are in order!

It is extremely difficult for us who live in the UK to advise you on what to put in as your climate is so very different to what we know.

Perhaps if you look around your area of the country (much bigger than ALL of Europe put together!) perhaps you will come across "old" plants that have done well & they might interest you. Look online & see if there are gardening forums in Brazil with members who might live in your area. You might be able to ask the "locals" questions about what might grow best for you. Look in gardening magazines as well as they can be quite useful.

I wish you the very best of luck as you get to work on your "bare canvas". I hope you will also keep us here on GoY up to date with your plantings with lots of photos & blogs!

23 Aug, 2018


I support that. Very good advice. Native plants are the right way to go.

24 Aug, 2018


Thank you all for the good wishes with my new home.

Seaburngirl, yes I'm in Brazil.
The climate in San Francisco de Paula, the region where the terrain is located, is very cold and one of the regions with more rain of all the state. I am well acquainted with the Botanic Garden of the state, but it is 120km from San Francisco, with a completely different climate. So different, that some plants like fuchsia have difficulty to settle in the botanic garden.

The plants look dry, but they are actually burnt by the cold. We are leaving winter now and some of them will recover soon. The dry area at the back of the yard is where the builder put the support house for the employees. I did a year-round study of the sun's trajectory to identify the garden and backyard shadows.

Balcony, thank you for your wishes.
Yes, I believe it can be a challenge for someone living in another country with a completely different climate to suggest what kind of plants I could put in the garden.

However, GOY members' gardens are so beautiful, with beautiful displays, perfect combinations of colors and different heights of plants, shapes of flower beds, and even plant care such as wisteria, which I dared to ask for suggestions for all.

So, feel free to suggest, for example, mixing dahlias with violets, or not, tulips and irises together or not, make beds straight or curved in front or on the sides or just a curved in the center of the garden, etc.
All suggestions will be welcome.

24 Aug, 2018


I am surprised to find out how cold it gets in the very southern part of Brazil. With all the South American irises available, I would avoid the generic hybrids. I have started several Cypella species, which come from Uruguay & Brazil (very easy to start from seed).
It is actually easier for those in the UK to advise you because they get snow and I don't. But daylilies - you need a couple of those, either dormant types or semi-evergreen.

24 Aug, 2018


Many foreign friends are surprised that we have cold weather including snow in the southernmost region of the country. Which will allow me to plant tulips, magnolias and wisterias. Cypella hauthalii is the most common iridacea registered by the State University as native to the flora of Rio Grande do Sul.
I thank you for your suggestions and ask if it would be more interesting to plant both among other flowers, or between green shrubs, and whether to allow the climate to blossom when appropriate.

24 Aug, 2018


I like flowering plants to be given their own space.
They have dignity and it should be appreciated.
Not confused or muddled up with other plants.

25 Aug, 2018


This is an idea. I was thinking of leaving the magnolia alone, in its own flower-bed, in the front yard, like the main flowering shrub. I have a special appreciation for the magnolias because they spring up at the time of my birthday.
Thank you for your comment.

25 Aug, 2018


I like the idea of bulbs among more permanent foliage. I have Dutch Iris and Gladiolus murielae (Acidanthra) planted among my daylilies - the first for flowers in the spring, the second for fall flowers. That way the daylilies help hide the fading foliage.
The cypella hauthalii is a little confusing. From what I have found, it is a winter growing type; yet you have snow, which usually doesn't allow for much growth of short plants. I have a lot of winter growing bulbs, and they have started coming up, already.

25 Aug, 2018


Your house is lovely. You have a blank canvas for the garden. It will be interesting to see what you do with it.

26 Aug, 2018


I like the gardens that have taller shrubs in the bottom and lower shrubs in the front. I have followed a series on the netflix of a gardener who makes gardens for needy people who can not afford it. Although it is very fast, I have jotted down some ideas for my garden. I like mixing colors too. I plan on making the side beds with lots of plants and flowers and leaving only two colors in the front yard, the magnolia and many lavenders. And enjoy the small set of trees from the left corner of the backyard to add more plants, and the rest devote to a vegetable garden with many aromatic herbs (parsley, oregano, basil, rosemary etc), and vegetables.

Hywel, I have to confess that is a big challenge and a bit scary.

26 Aug, 2018


It will be all right once you start. You seem to have a good plan.

26 Aug, 2018


Thank you for the words of encouragement.

27 Aug, 2018


All very exciting for you, as well as challenging. Since you ask, I would suggest an S-shaped path for your back yard: it will encourage walking around the garden and gives a relaxed feeling.

Could you grow a cherry tree for gorgeous blossom and good autumn leaf colour? Prunus kojo-no-mai is a favourite of mine :)

22 Sep, 2018


Oh thanks Sheila, yes I like s and C shapes. I'm planning to make the whole flowerbed that will be nestled along the wall sinuously, but without obeying a pattern. The cherry trees that are adapted to our climate are of the Sakura type. The flowers are more rosy than the one you suggested. Besides the cherry tree I want to plant an acer palmatum of the red species, which turns red all year long, and the common one that is deciduous. To constrain an evergreen pine. This weekend we worked the garden cleaning weeds and shrubs. We already planted a hibiscus and this next Thursday we will plant some bromeliads and another hibiscus.

25 Sep, 2018


Great that you are making progress, and delighted you will have a couple of Acers . . . they’re all so lovely!

26 Sep, 2018


Good to hear you are making progress on your garden, Aleyna! looking forward to seeing some pictures of it later in the year.

28 Sep, 2018


I'm slow Balcony. Hubby said I can't plann anything until the fences are ready. But here and there I'm introducing the plants.

3 Oct, 2018


That's the way to do it! We can't always wait for others! Lol!

4 Oct, 2018


You're right :o)
I added 3 bromeliads, one pink and one red hibiscus, several dwarf rose grafts, and one clusia fluminense.

10 Oct, 2018


Very good! 👍

10 Oct, 2018

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