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Native plants


By Aleyna


It’s mid-summer. The native plants are flowering all over the place. Now that the construction of the house has been completed, piles of gravel are left, sand, cement, and the trucks stop moving.
Native plants found passage in the gravel and sand, and spread through the grass that grew as there was no more traffic.

This last one is the favourite of hummingbirds.

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Splendid - a garden that appears all by itself!

16 Jan, 2019


Yes Steragram, and it makes me feel guilty of pulling everything to make the car pass, pavement required by the city hall, plant grass and put a planned garden. So I'm frantically trying to save the plants, as soon as the flowers wither, I take the plant out of the place and put it in a flowerbed that we've made for preservation. I hope I can save many of them.

17 Jan, 2019


The second and last photo look interesting - any idea what they are?

17 Jan, 2019


The plant in your last picture looks like it is related to a common wildflower here in the northern hemi. The leaves and the stalk look like Oenothera, the flowers here are bright yellow and trumpet shaped. Have you found out what it is? No wonder it's a hummingbird favourite. the flowers are beautiful.

17 Jan, 2019


The native plants are very pretty. Will you try to keep some of then growing in your garden ?

17 Jan, 2019


Some of those plants are very pretty! Wouldn't mind a few of your weeds, oops, native plants, growing on the balcony! 😀😀😀

17 Jan, 2019


A great variety of colour there very pretty.

17 Jan, 2019


So nice to see plants from different parts of the world. Very colorful selection.

18 Jan, 2019


unfortuantelly I have no idea what kind of flowers are them, and the locals say "grass" "weed" :(
They are so pretty with the purple color

Yes, I'm trying to save some seedlings and cuttings. But I have to confess that it is difficult, they grow in the midst of the native grass, and out of nowhere the flowers appear.

I'll try to find out the names of these plants

Believe me, it is my will not to set the garden and let the flowers grow wild as ever. But, that means letting all the weeds grow together and reach the height of our waist ... hehehe.
Thanks to you and your blog I saved the seeds and bulbs of the native amarilis. I got 16 bulbs.

Thruppennybit, thank you. I'm glad you like it.

Bathgate, yes is very nice. I am enchanted by the beauty of the gardens and the variety of flowers that we can appreciate in this group.

19 Jan, 2019


I certainly do Aleyna 😊

19 Jan, 2019


The bothanical name is Siphocampylus Verticillatus, popular name here is Jarataca.

19 Jan, 2019


Thanks, Aleyna! It's a medicinal plant! just googled it and was surprised to find that it's used in an anti depressant. It sure is pretty in it's habitat.

21 Jan, 2019


They are like our wild flowers then Aleyna, they grow best in wild places but some spread from the fields and woods into my garden.
I'm glad you will try to save some seeds to grow them on :)

21 Jan, 2019


I didn't know its medicinal properties. There are so many plants in Brazil with these properties, and lots of them in study.

Hywel, I don't know if they have seeds or not. I was thinking with hubby, about take some of these and plant in our "testing" garden, just to try save them. I know these plants grow in the vacant lots around ours. So if I do not succeed transplanting them I can try again next summer. Wish me luck.

22 Jan, 2019


There are many many plants/weeds here with all kinds of amazing medicinal properties. Milk Thistle, Chicory, Echanacea, Wood Sorrel, Stinging Nettle are examples. However, the FDA tries to quash those studies because the big Pharmaceutical Companies like Pfizer and Merck pays them big money to promote their own concoctions, like TheraFlu during the so called Flu pandemic which didn't really happen, but it sold a lot of TheraFlu.

22 Jan, 2019


Yes good luck ! :) I hope you will be successful ...

23 Jan, 2019


It's right there Bathgate, the big pharmaceutical companies are in the background trying to avoid the phitotherapic medications.

Thanks Hywel :)

29 Jan, 2019

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