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Test Flowerbed


By Aleyna


The builder asked us to remove any plant that was one meter from each side of the line where the fence will pass. We decided to make only one bed for the plants that we already have. And we call it the test bed.

We chose a spot near the garage where the sun comes in morning and early afternoon. It is possible to see behind the flowerbeds the height of native plants. Weed

This was the first plant we took to the San Chico ward. She had been attacked by the scales and was almost dying. A week after planting we had already firm branches and several new leaves were born. It survived being replanted.

This is the tip of the hibiscus that I cut in two so I can bring it here.

This is the base of the cut hibiscus. Before planting we took out all the branches and leaves from the trunk. Now with leaves and branches sprouting again.

This is the tangerine we won at the first neighborhood association meeting. It was burned by the carpenter who made the wooden part of the house. He decided to burn scraps of wood and burned along with tangerine. We cut the burnt trunk and it recovered.

And finally the variegata hibiscus that was infested by the scales and arrived almost naked. We’ve done a drastic pruning and he’s healing.

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Some of them have been through the wars Aleyna but they seem to be coming back again. Well done.

30 Jan, 2019


Welcome to Aleyna's plant hospital! Very successful - are you extending it later?

30 Jan, 2019


Nice bed you have there. You new plants seem to be doing well.

30 Jan, 2019


they have done really well Aleyna. it is always satisfying when plants recover.

30 Jan, 2019


It's nice to see your plants surviving after the move. I am pleased they're recovering so well.

30 Jan, 2019


They have all transplanted well Aleyna great idea putting them where they can get the sun you Hibiscus will love that.

30 Jan, 2019


Thank you all for the comments.

You are right there Thorneyside, some have been through a war. Infectation, burning, extreme frost.

LOL Steragram, yes it is a hospital isn't? As soon as they finish the fences I'll clean the land and start the planning garden with specific location for each one. Plus a herb bed and veggetables beds also.

Thanks Bathgate, they are recovering no doubts, but I have to confess you all it has nothing to do with my gardening habilities. The soil is extremelly fertile. The soil is black, if you look the pictures can see how dark it is.

You are right Seaburngirl, I play a feast when I notice it survived, mainly the old variegatta hibiscus, because it is with us the last 28years, hapilly blossoming every summer. I would suffer deeply if it dies.

Thanks Hywel, will cross my finger the next move to the definitively spot.

Thanks for the tip Thrupennybit, I forgot the hibiscus would love the sun. I was planing to plant them close to my kitchen window, to enjoy the flowers, but, there they will be under sun only after 4pm. So, I have to thinnk about some other plants I can move there.

31 Jan, 2019


Scale can be a real problem, it took a couple of years for me to get rid of them. I found neem oil works, but it took a couple of applications.

31 Jan, 2019


The best plants are the ones I can just plant it, then they look after themselves. That's why I like the native plants. They don't need fussing over.

31 Jan, 2019


I had two in the shaded part of my garden for years Aleyna they never flowered yet the one on the opposite side which catches the early sun to mid noon flowered. I have last year had one planted in late afternoon sun I shall be interested to see if it flowers this year as it was in flower when I bought it.

31 Jan, 2019


I've used neem oil and not suceed. The only one thing that really seems to be effective was "caldo de fumo"(tobacco bouillon - the closest tradution), and several applications.

thats the reason I'm trying to save the native plants.I will sow the largest number of native plants possible.

This past weekend, I've been to friends at the beach. They live in a condominium approximately 30 years old, with several different plants. I won 8 different species of hibiscus, several cuts. They are in a rooting solution. I will plant on both sides of the garden to see which ones will bloom.

4 Feb, 2019


I can tell you enjoyed your visit friends. That's great you won 8 plants yes that's a good idea this is what I tried one facing south two facing north the north facing never flowered.

4 Feb, 2019

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